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Smallies at Lewis And Clark

Some friends of mine had rented a campsite for the weekend and had invited me to come along.  We didn’t have a boat and it wasn’t a “fishing trip” per say.. but who are we kidding if I’m that close to one of my favorite lakes, I’m bringing a pole or three!

We had set a few lines the night before and only caught a small white bass.  But today I decided to take a little walk and go down to the Marina on the SD side of the lake.  The wind was blowing into the shoreline on the jetty I stopped at and was causing a bit of stirred up water.  I started by throwing a crankbait but caught much weeds, switched to a spinner bait and didn’t get a single strike.  So, knowing that there was a good population of smallmouth in this lake I switched up a little bit and went to my spinning rod, lighter line and a shaky head with a small brown crawdad plastic on it.  I started to get a few bites but they were hard to catch because of the wind.  By the time I realized one had my bait it had already run a short ways and spit out the lure. But I did manage to catch a few doing this, and they sure fought like crazy!

After a little while I decided to skip to the other side of the jetty and fish the calm waters where the wind couldn’t reach it. I noticed right away due to the water clarity and the calm water that I could see fish swimming around. A lot of them were sunfish and carp but there were a few smallmouth and also some drum swimming around there.  I found that with my polarized sunglasses that if I stayed up the bank about 10+ feet I could spot the fish without spooking them. I would then cast this little crawdad lure down near them and shake it up to the rocks there were searching for bait in.  I ended up catching a really large drum and probably 8-10 small, smallmouth bass this way! It was fun and exiting to see it all happen like that. But eventually I spooked a good number of them and decided to call it a day.

Lake Ranking 5 start: Definitely a great lake though, I love the diversity of the water and the species of fish. I did enjoy it a little more last year when i went out on the lake in a boat.