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October 3rd 2013, Missouri River

Today I went out all by myself.  I had a few hours after work before it got dark and decided to try something new.

For a while now I have been intrigued by the River.  Up north they caught all kinds of nice bass, largemouth and smallmouth, as well as norther pike, walleye etc.  I have even fished oxbow lakes of the missouri but it was north of town about 60-80 minutes.  But I had always been told that Omaha was too far south to hold those fish and they liked the cleaner water up north.  I never really believed that and decided I wanted to finally test the waters.

Since my boat is just a 14ft jon with a trolling motor I decided against attempting to battle the rivers current.  I parked up at Dodge Park and walked the rocks on the bank fishing any water breaks I could find.  I fished the mouth of Dodge Parks Canal, the docks near the boat ramps and some fallen trees that I could reach.

Withing the first 30 minutes I found what I was looking for, I pulled up this 18 1/2 inch bass (picture below… proof!) throwing a bass jig and trailer.  Yes you read that right, almost a 3lb bass at Dodge Park in Omaha!

The rest of the day was pretty slow, I did catch a nice drum (pictured below).  I did miss 2 other nice bites, not sure if they were bass, drum, walleye or northerns but they were bites either way.  I would be very interested to try fishing it by boat and be able to reach a lot more ideal spots for fish but did the best with what I had.  Enjoy the Pictures!

Overall Ranking: 3 Star

Probably the most intriguing place to fish on the eastern side of Nebraska.  As proven you can catch bass and its a huge body of water and has good ramps. I just don’t have a boat yet to really explore it.


June 29th 2013 Tieville Bend and Middle Decatur Bend

Who: Brian Barry

Where: Tieville Bend, and Middle Decatur Bend

When: May 29th 6-9:30am, at Tieville and 10-11:30 at Middle Decatur Bend

Weather:  80’s sunny with a steady wind

Boat Type: 14ft Jon Boat

Last year I had hunted Tieville Bend for Ducks and noticed fishing jumping while out there.  Not sure of the species or numbers I figured I would try it out.  It has an almost hidden entrance that leads you to the water, where there is not boat ramp but with my Jon boat I could easily slide it off into the water.  The water was much lower than when I had been there in the fall, and was divided into 3 smaller lakes separated by sandbars instead of the 1 larger one I had seen while duck hunting.

Being there just after sunrise I started fishing without really any luck.  I had seen some asian carp and gar but did not get any fish landed or any real bass bites.  I did try 2 of the 3 smaller lakes with the same results and had attempted a plethora of lures to try and get a strike such as worms, spinners, cranks, jigs… etc.  Here are some pictures of the lake and structure

Overall Ranking: 4 Star

This is a very intriguing lake/lakes.  The fishing is good and at decatur the ramp is pretty good, at Tieville its just a mud ramp.  There is good depth and lots of fish but watch out for flying carp.


After about 3 hours of fishing it without a single strike I pulled my boat out and headed to the southside of the highway towards Middle Decatur Bend, which I had caught some nice bass in a few weeks earlier.

It started getting windy so when choosing the spot I went upwind in case it got worse I would be able to quickly get back to the boat ramp.  I ended up floating with the wind along the north shoreline fishing the old bridge stumps and the shoreline.  Trying anything I had used a few weeks before that got strikes such as, jigs, spinnerbaits and plastics, but today the bite was on while using a texas rigged baby brush hog and it came really close to shore.  I caught 4 or 5 nice 15” bass doing this before the wind got to strong and I headed back to the car.  Below are some pictures of the fish caught this day.


While at the lake I did meet a nice gentleman named John who was out there with a friend fishing in a Ranger Bass boat.  After talking he advised me the depth of the lake (since I do not yet have a depth finder on my Jon Boat), he stated it was about 10 Feet in the middle of the lake and pretty shallow in some other spots.  But knowing that depth will be great for anyone wanting to fish a larger boat up there you now know you can and people have.

So after today’s results I would NOT recommend Tieville as a fishing location, but have come to love Middle Decatur Bend for its size, quality and quantity of Large bass and a quiet location.  I will definitely be heading back there in the future.