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June 12th 2014 Czechland Lake

Who: Scott and Myself

Where: Czechland Lake, Prague NE

When: june 11th-12th

Weather: 80 and Windy

Once again I decided to try a lake that I had not been to yet.  I had heard about this lake for a while and since I had thursday off I thought it would be a good idea to take a camping trip.  This lake is a beautiful lake with a good boat ramp and a great camping area.  Fortunately I was the only person who was able to camp this night.

Wednesday I had a friend Scott come and meet me for an evening of fishing.  We fished up in the creek for most of the evening trying to find fish by the submerged trees and around the channel.  Unfortunately we only hooked into one fish that night that got off before we could get it into the boat.  As storms started rolling in we decided to get off the water and I got a fire started by the campgrounds.  It was different camping by myself but very relaxing as it was extremely quiet and secluded.  here are a few pics from that evening.

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

This is a great little lake.  Good camping, hiking, boat ramp and fishing docks.  The fishing was great and they had good size to them. Not too busy of a lake for its small size and still within about an hour of the City.


The next morning I went back up to the channel and trees and found 2 fish up there but was a little disappointed with how slow the bit was.  So I headed to the campgrounds and packed all the camping equipment up.  It was windy this morning and I had been trying to avoid it as my boat is a 12ft jon boat, but I decided to try fishing the dam and the windy banks of the lake.

Right next to the spillway on the dam I started throwing a crankbait hoping to catch some bass feeding along this shoreline.  I immediately started hooking into them and all of the fish seemed healthy and fought well.  Two of the last three fish I caught weighed 2.85 lbs and 3.92 lbs, I was pleasantly surprised.  This is definitely a lake I would like to go back to in the future.  I actually would go as far as saying this may be one of my new favorites!  Enjoy the pictures below.