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September 20th 2015, Walnut Creek

Some of my friends wanted to do a picnic and take the dogs to the dog park at Walnut Creek today so of course if I was at the lake I was going to do a little fishing!

By the time we were done with the picnic I only had a short time to fish but made the best of it.  This lake has such a defined creek channel with a lot of standing trees that are always temping to fish.  So I started there, fishing a crank bait, pig and jig, and a few other soft plastics around the trees with not luck.

I quickly moved to fishing around the Island on the west side of the lake.  Most of the shoreline around the lake has really thick matted vegitation but around this island.  I positioned my boat on the side that was protected from the wind and I cast a crank bait out into the windy current and let it bang the rocks on its way back to me.  I immediately started catching fish!  All were pretty small but they were aggressive and fun!  I caught about 8 this way before I had to start moving back towards the ramp so i didn’t get stuck out in the dark.

I caught one or two more on my way back.  I even tried jiggin in the trees for a few minutes trying to catch crappie without any luck.  But for how short the trip was I couldn’t complain about 8-10 bass even if they were small.

Lake Ranking: 4 star

This lake always makes me think I could catch a big one on any cast but I have yet to do it!  There is plenty of structure to fish and there are fish in there but from my experience they are fairly small.

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