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Beautiful day at Burchard 8/27/16

My dad and I had plenty of time this morning to head out and fish and we had not yet been to Burchard since they reopened the lake.  First off I want to say the renovations were great! boat ramp and rock yetties were awesome, water quality was good and the lake looked healthy.

We started by fishing on the point just across the lake from the boat ramp.  We initially were throwing spinner baits and a few soft plastics without much luck.  But after moving about 100 yards down the shoreline we hit a spot that got a little bit deeper and a had some submerged piles of trees to fish around. My dad started catching a few on a Senko and I switched to a Crank Bait and started getting hits as well! For the most part we caught a bunch of 12 inch fish, nothing big but still fun to catch.

As we worked around the point in the middle of the lake my dad hooked into a really nice 3 1/2 pound largemouth! I also caught a few different types of fish on my crankbait.  I caught a really nice crappie and flathead catfish (pictured below).  The weather was great and we caught plenty of fish!  Definitely worth the short drive down to the lake.  All in all for the day we ended up with about 16-20 bass a few sunfish, a catfish, and a crappie!  Pretty productive for just a couple of hours.

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

This was one of my favorite lakes before they did the renovations and it definitely maintained the good points of the lake while adding better accessibility to it.  I would recommend this lake to anyone who was willing to take a short drive or who wanted to camp out in the country.unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6 unnamed-7 unnamed

Big Bass at Cunningham, August 7th 2016

Today was a perfect day to hit the lake!  It was around 80 degrees with a slight breeze.  I haven’t been to Cunningham yet this year and I know it has some good fish so I decided to stay close to home and try it out.

I started fishing just to the east of the dock around the rocks on the shoreline.  I didn’t get much success until I got to the camping/fishing piers and there was a tree and stump that was sitting in about 8 feet of water.  I threw a plastic worm around the stump and immediately pulled one 13 inch bass from the tree.  I ended up pulling 3 bass off this stump and decided I had found a pattern. So after I felt that i had caught all of the fish off of this stump I decided to try and find other places to fish wood on the lake.

I know there is a bunch of half sunken brush piles on the west side of the lake so I made the trip to it.  When I got to them I started throwing the worm and also a pig and jig to the brush piles.   My pattern turned out to be correct and I caught them on this pattern for the next hour! I finished with 8 or 9 bass.  But the fun part of my day came when i pitched my jig to a big brush pile and i saw the tree move and the water swirl.  By the time I could catch up to my line the fish was already running away and the fight was on!  Once i got the fish in it was 20 inch 4 pound bass! It was a really good cap to a nice day fishing!

Lake Ranking: 5 star

I’m pretty sure I’ve ranked this lake lower in the past but as i continue to go to this lake I find good underwater structure that I like and I catch good fish. I’ve caught a 5 pounder here before and today caught a 4.  Its a bit surprising for such a popular lake. But I definitely recommend it for anyone who is patient enough to find the patterns and catch fish!

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Beat the Heat!

6\12\16 Summit Lake

Today I knew the temperature would be the hottest it had been so far this year and I wanted to get up early and try to do some top water fishing!

One of my favorite lakes for top water if Summit, I like it because it has a lot vegetation and a variety of different shorelines to fish. I got up really early to beat the heat.  I was at the lake and just getting on the water around sunrise so I was able to get some good pictures!

The lake was very similar to the last time I fished it in that around the shore there was about 3-5 ft of clear water before the weeds started. So I started around the piers and threw a top water frog and immediately started catching nice 15-16″ bass. I fished two or three of the piers until the bite slowed a little bit.

Once it slowed down I switched to a plastic worm and threw to the same spots and started catching them again! It was a fast and fun morning, I only fished for a couple of hours before the temperature for into the high 80’s and I packed up.  I caught around 15 fish and all were between 12-16 inches!

Lake ranking: 5 star 

This lake has a lot of quality fish and is very well maintained! I would definitely recommend especially you plan on camping.FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender IMG_4554 FullSizeRender

Missouri River Oxbow May 29th 2016

One of my favorite places to fish is Middle Decatur Bend.  I go out there because of the fish diversity and also because it is a relatively unknown place to fish.  It is an oxbow lake off of the Missouri River about an hour north of Omaha.  For the most part the lake is shallow (less than 5 feet) but on both the east and west sides by the tall log pilings it does get to 8-10 feet deep and some spots even a little more.

I started the day throwing spinner baits and a plastic worm around the wood on the west side.  I fished for a couple hundred of feel and didn’t get a bite so I skipped further down the line and tried at deeper spot and didn’t get any bites.

The canal leading to the river must have been all the way through because I saw 2 different boats come through and then leave.  But as I was near the canal I saw and heard some fish in the shallow grasses.  As I got closer I realized they were mostly carp with a few gar but usually where some fish are the others will follow.

I started throwing a white spinner bait around the grasses and cat tails.  I caught two gar right off the bat, they are nasty creatures but there were plenty around to catch.  I shortly after caught two small large mouth bass.  It was nice to catch the fish I had been looking through, although I was a little disappointed I didn’t catch any Walleye or Northern Pike.  Still a fun place to go and I will definitely go back!

Lake Ranking: 4 star

This lake is a lot of fun to go to, I really like it but it is a little difficult to figure out.  I like being able to catch nice bass and northern pike but it might be a little better without the gar or all of the carp in the area.  2dc7e577-df5c-472f-8d1d-5d85ac71fa20 290f718b-5d7a-4943-94cd-cbfeaa972a4c 570b14a3-7ba0-4333-8c0a-c611ff99e0f8 e32bd206-db31-4fbb-a031-82e67b8233a3 eccc1f7b-7a7d-460b-bac6-13b5a5d4eeb5 fe26ffc7-e528-49ae-b7d2-30a1fff7a1db

Windy day at Wanahoo!

May 7th 2016

I hadn’t been out to Wanahoo yet this year so I had to make a trip! The water was high and kind of muddy because we had some recent storms.  Since my boat only has a trolling motor I always start fishing by pier closest to the ramp then move to the reeds and vegetation just north of the ramp.

Today the wind was strong enough that in order to stay in position with my Jon boat I had to anchor multiple times to avoid getting blown off my spot.  I had thrown all kinds of lures and hadn’t gotten bit after about an hour so I decided to move into the trees.

Here I found the channel and tried tying up to trees to help me stay in position.  While there I did get two bites, catching one of them. It was a nice bass just under 3 lbs that I caught on a shad colored crank bait. But even there I wasn’t finding the fish like I wanted to.

I moved all the way to the east side of the lake to try my best to get out of the wind and found a decent spot with what looked like good matted vegetation. I noticed frogs sitting on top but also some good open pockets in the grass, so I tied on a weightless 5″ senko and started throwing on top of the weeds.  Pretty quickly I had a nice bass hit it through the grass! One of the funnest ways to catch a fish! As I worked along the stretch of grass I caught two more fish all between 2-3lbs. The other two bit just as my lure hit the open spot and the bass ambushed it through the openings in the weeds. The grass line I found was in about 6 inches to a foot of water and was only about 100ft long.

It took me a little while to find and catch consistent fish but once I did it was a lot of fun!

Lake ranking: 5 star

Even when the fishing is slow or conditions are tough you can usually find some kind of fish here and they are healthy good sized fish. Also the lake is big enough to be busy and still have room for everyone


April 22nd 2016 Wehrspann Lake, Omaha NE

I hadn’t taken my boat out for a couple of weeks and had a few hours after work today open so I decided to make a quick trip to a local lake.   Wehrspann is really close to my house so I headed there so I could fish as long as possible. The weather was great and there weren’t a lot of boats out on a Friday night so I was able to launch my boat quickly.

I headed to a cover on the east side of the lake and started fishing a spinner bait around the shallow trees and grasses.  Once I got halfway back into the cove I started catching fish.  They were really shallow and around a lot of cover but they would come out and hit the lure aggressively.

Not only was I catching fish but I was seeing fish chasing bait in the shallow water as well!  It was pretty exciting to watch.  And since my lure was working I decided to stick with it and ended up catching about 6 different fish.  All of the fish were healthy and over 12 inches with the two heaviest weight 3.85 and 3.26 pounds!

It was a fun evening, but since I didn’t get out until a little later I didn’t have a lot of time to fish.  As it started getting dark I headed back and trailered the boat.  It was definitely a fun little trip!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

I love that this lake is so close to my home and for being a public lake in the middle of Omaha the fishing is really good.  It surprises me sometimes the quality of fish this lake continues to produce!  If you are looking to get out in Omaha this is definitely one of my favorite spots!

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April 17th 2016, Papio Creek

Today I had just a couple of hours in the afternoon that were open and the weather was great so of course I have to find some way to fish.  I hadn’t recharged the battery for my boat and didn’t have a lot of time to drive somewhere anyways, so I just grabbed a box of worms and went down to a part of the creek that is just around the corner from my house.

Papio Creek really fluctuates a lot in water clarity as well as depth/current depending on how much rain we have had lately.  But fortunately for me there wasn’t much rain this week and it was pretty calm and clear!

If you have never explored the creek it is a very cool place.  You can access it from many different areas around the city and once you get down into the creek its like you have just entered a whole other area where it feels like you are miles away from the city.  And there are some truly beautiful places along the creek that are a lot of fun to explore.

Today I found one area where the creek had some depth but opened up a little bit and tied on a catfish line with a worm and just sat down and relaxed.  I didn’t catch much but had 3-4 little catfish bite my line and they were fun to see in the water and they all seemed pretty healthy!

Lake Ranking: 4 star

The creek is a very fun place to explore and you can always see other kinds of wildlife while there.  I saw raccoon tracks, a pair of mallards and a pair of wood ducks.  But the fish are usually pretty small.  It is a small creek so I wasn’t expecting anything big but bigger than 6-8 inches might be nice!

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March 12th 2016, Prairie Queen, Omaha Ne

I had recently renewed all the registrations on my boat, trailer and my park sticker.  I also spent some time doing some work to my boat as far as fixing leaks and updated the seats, so I had to test out the new equipment!  I had made the decision very early on that I was going to fish on saturday, but unfortunately for me I didn’t check the weather when I decided this!

Saturday rolls around and it is about 50 degrees windy with about a 60% chance of rain!  I decided to tough it out and go anyways.  So i put on my Bass Pro rain suite and took the boat out.  I decided to go to the closest lake to home since I knew I probably wouldn’t stay out long.  So I went to Prairie Queen and ended up staying out for about two hours.

I started by fishing the rock jetty just to the east of the boat ramp with a spinner bait and a crankbait without any luck. So i headed out to the channel and fished deep into some of the trees.  Again without much luck I headed towards the shore line where I knew the lake had been dug out.  So there was a deep spot of about 18 feet that came up quickly to about 4-5 feet of water.  As I was throwing my crankbait around this drop off I caught one small bass.

The fishing was slow and it rained on me the whole time so I decided to call it a day and pack up.  But I was not disappointed, all of my equipment worked well and I caught a fish so it was good day!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

This lake was new last year and has some great structure to fish and I have caught plenty of fish out of it.  I look forward to trying it more this summer and hopefully get into some crappy this spring!

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October 3-4 2015 Lewis and Clark Lake, Yankton SD

Each fall we have started to do a father and sons fishing trip and we chose this weekend for our adventure this year.  For these trips we usually like to get out of town a couple of hours to a place we can stay and have a couple of good days of fishing.  We originally chose to go to Mozingo in Maryville MO but after looking through fishing reports we found there was a Bass tournament that held approximately 25 -30 boats so we decided a week before the trip to change it up.  Non of us had ever been up to Yankton to fish Lewis and Clark Lake but it was very intriguing with the types of fish and size of the lake that we decided to go there.

The weather was supposed to be chilly all weekend but not very windy.  However we quickly found out that on the main lake with a wind coming directly from the east that the waves could get very large!  We found a ramp on the southwest side of the lake that was tucked out of the wind a little bit and had some rock jetties that we could fish around.

On Saturday we started we started at this ramp and quickly started catching some smallmouth around the rocks!  The first fish we caught was a 2.5 lb smallmouth on a spinner bait.  We stayed in this little area near the ramp a lot for two reasons, one we were out of the wind and protected and two we were catching fish!  We tried throwing all sorts of lures but the one that seemed to work the best was shad colored deep diving crank bait.  It had to be in constant contact with the bottom to get the bites and so much so that we continually got it caught in the rocks and had to retrieve the lure!  So on Day one we caught about 4-5 bass 1 Norther pike and one Stripper!

The next day we decided to try the river south of the dam.  After about an hour of fighting the current and hitting two sand bars we decided to pull the boat out and go back to the main lake.  On the main lake again we caught a few more bass and Northern pike fishing the same pattern as the day before.. Deep diving crankbaits around whatever rocks we could find.

This is a lake a I definitely want to visit again but i would want to spend a lot of time just driving around the lake and looking at depths and structures to decide where and how to fish.  If is a great lake with a lot of opportunity but I feel like in order to really be successful you would need to know that lake well.  This post is picture heavy but enjoy it because we caught some good fish!


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September 20th 2015, Walnut Creek

Some of my friends wanted to do a picnic and take the dogs to the dog park at Walnut Creek today so of course if I was at the lake I was going to do a little fishing!

By the time we were done with the picnic I only had a short time to fish but made the best of it.  This lake has such a defined creek channel with a lot of standing trees that are always temping to fish.  So I started there, fishing a crank bait, pig and jig, and a few other soft plastics around the trees with not luck.

I quickly moved to fishing around the Island on the west side of the lake.  Most of the shoreline around the lake has really thick matted vegitation but around this island.  I positioned my boat on the side that was protected from the wind and I cast a crank bait out into the windy current and let it bang the rocks on its way back to me.  I immediately started catching fish!  All were pretty small but they were aggressive and fun!  I caught about 8 this way before I had to start moving back towards the ramp so i didn’t get stuck out in the dark.

I caught one or two more on my way back.  I even tried jiggin in the trees for a few minutes trying to catch crappie without any luck.  But for how short the trip was I couldn’t complain about 8-10 bass even if they were small.

Lake Ranking: 4 star

This lake always makes me think I could catch a big one on any cast but I have yet to do it!  There is plenty of structure to fish and there are fish in there but from my experience they are fairly small.

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