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March 12th 2016, Prairie Queen, Omaha Ne

I had recently renewed all the registrations on my boat, trailer and my park sticker.  I also spent some time doing some work to my boat as far as fixing leaks and updated the seats, so I had to test out the new equipment!  I had made the decision very early on that I was going to fish on saturday, but unfortunately for me I didn’t check the weather when I decided this!

Saturday rolls around and it is about 50 degrees windy with about a 60% chance of rain!  I decided to tough it out and go anyways.  So i put on my Bass Pro rain suite and took the boat out.  I decided to go to the closest lake to home since I knew I probably wouldn’t stay out long.  So I went to Prairie Queen and ended up staying out for about two hours.

I started by fishing the rock jetty just to the east of the boat ramp with a spinner bait and a crankbait without any luck. So i headed out to the channel and fished deep into some of the trees.  Again without much luck I headed towards the shore line where I knew the lake had been dug out.  So there was a deep spot of about 18 feet that came up quickly to about 4-5 feet of water.  As I was throwing my crankbait around this drop off I caught one small bass.

The fishing was slow and it rained on me the whole time so I decided to call it a day and pack up.  But I was not disappointed, all of my equipment worked well and I caught a fish so it was good day!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

This lake was new last year and has some great structure to fish and I have caught plenty of fish out of it.  I look forward to trying it more this summer and hopefully get into some crappy this spring!

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June 18th 2014, Lawrence Youngman Lake

Who: Myself

Where: Lawrence Youngman, Omaha Ne

When: june 18th

Weather: 90 and Windy

Today was going to be a hot day and we had some plans in the afternoon so I got up really early and hit up Lawrence Youngman around sunrise.  I shot straight up for the timber and weeds on the south side of the lake.  And tried a buzzbait and frog with a few hits but no fish caught.  So I switched to a spinnerbait and a senko with a small weight so it sank slowly.

I caught a lot of fish early with the soft plastics.  All the fish seemed healthy and well fed (you can see a frogs legs sticking out of ones belly in a picture below).  I went as far back into the creek as a I could and then also fished some weedlines along the main lake and along the dam.  All locations produced some fish but all the fish were pretty small around 12-13 inches.   So nothing special as far as size goes but when you can catch 12-15 fish in a matter of a few hours it makes a fun morning.

This lake would be a great place to take kids or anyone new to fishing for a great time catching a lot of fish.  I would highly recommend anyone in Omaha try this lake out. But make sure to come prepared for the weeds.  All of the shore lines are lined with about 15 ft of vegetation so it is easily accessed by a boat.

Enjoy the pictures!

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

This is a fun lake right in the middle of the Omaha area.  good boat ramp, fishing docks, hiking trails and parks.  Iam able to catch a lot of fish and the water clarity was good.  Also plenty of different kinds of structure to fish around. the only down side is the fish all seemed to be small.