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Fish on the Fly, Long Pine NE 10/8/16

Every year my dad, brother and I plan a guys fishing weekend were we can get away for a few days.  We always find a weekend in the fall where we can get out of town, rent a cabin, fish and grill some good food!  This year we had attempted to go to a lake in Missouri but found out a few months in advance that there was a large tournament being held the same weekend we were planning to go, so we decided to try something different.  We had been to Long Pine about 20 years ago when we were little kids but hadn’t been since.  My dad is coming off a recent trip to Colorado where he fished the Arkansas river and had a guided tour teach him about fly fishing.

We got up to our cabin Friday right around sunset and only had enough time to take the hiking path down to the stream to see what we would be fishing the next day.  We then spent the rest of the night watching a movie and eating food.

The next morning my brother and I got up to our dad cooking a good breakfast, then the three of us loaded up and walked down to the stream to try our luck.  We started all fishing by each other and trying to stay relatively close so we could talk and have a good time but the stream was a little small for three people so we eventually split up and fished on our own.

We tried anything from dry flies, wet flies, spinners and worms.  The fishing started off pretty slow, the water was extremely clear so we could see a few trout swimming around us in the water but it took a little while before we caught one.  The fishing was actually pretty slow, we did catch fish but never really found a consistent pattern and they were pretty spread apart in times of catch as well.  Most of the fish came on a dry fly, floating it down the stream over parts of the stream that had bigger gravel bottoms.

We fished Sat morning and afternoon and then a little bit on Sunday and ended with about 10 fish.  All were pretty small (around 7-10 inches).  But we did catch both species, brown and rainbow.  There were a few times that we did spot some rather large trout either cruising by or avoiding the current behind a rock but could never entice the larger ones to bite.

We had a great time getting out with each other and spending some time together.  Fly fishing is definitely a type of fishing that is growing on me and i’m intrigued by!

Ranking: 5 star

The cabins were nice and it was a short walk to the river.  We did catch a few fish and heard of people that were catching a lot of larger ones just a couple days before we got there.  Beautiful scenery tucked deep into the sandhills of Nebraska.  Definitely a place I would recommend visiting.

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October 31st 2013, Standing Bear Lake

Who: Just Myself

Where: Standing Bear Lake

When: October 31st, 2013

Weather: 45 degrees and windy

Boat Type: none, I fished from shore

I had recently checked the stocking reports and noticed they had stocked a lot of trout in Standing Bear in October.  I have caught trout before in Colorado and in Long Pine NE but not at the lakes in town.  And knowing that trout taste delicious I figured it would be a good opportunity for me to put some fish in the freezer for the winter.

This turned out to be a good opportunity, we do not have any kids yet so while everyone one else was out trick or treating we were trying to find something to do.  My wife was also under the weather that day so I rented a redbox and ordered her a pizza, tucked her in on the coach and headed for the lake.

I fished right near the boat ramp near the dock and the rocks.  I only threw 2 different kinds of lures, one was a small white trout spinner, which caught 3 nice trout, a really small bass and also a decent probably 12-13 inch bass.  Then I also used a light bobber with a crappie jig about 2 feet down and I would cast and pull this in.  There was only one other fisherman out there that day and he was fishing off the dock catching some nice crappies.

In Nebraska the limit on trout is 5 and after catching my limit it was getting pretty cold anyways.  So I headed home to clean the fish and put them in the freezer.

Enjoy the pictures!

Overall Ranking: 3 Star

The lake is a good size with depth and a good boat ramp.  I just haven’t every had a really good day fishing here and its always been busy.