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Fun with Fish and Frogs, Timber Point

So a friend and I decided to go hit up Timber Point, its a small little lake tucked up in the hills and unless you know someone or really do your research most people don’t know about it.  It does have a cement ramp and a dock but it is a relatively small lake.  The depth in the lake is good and they have all kinds of species in there (including Musky).

We started by fishing the cover to the west side of the lake without much luck, the water was calmer and easier to control out small boat and kayak but were eventually forced to search out the rest of the lake.

There are some submerged trees on the east side of the lake that boarder some deeper water and today the wind was blowing into the bank so I was hoping it would be an active spot.  With only catching one fish there we moved on and fished the rest of the cove and a then also the southside where the creek joins the lake. We had pulled out two fish so far but it was pretty slow going.

So I decided to go back and fish the submerged trees again but his time i downsized and slowed down a lot.  I broke out my spinning rod with lighter line, a 1/4 oz weight and a senko rigged texas style. But to make the profile even smaller i cut the senko in half before putting in on the hook. I started catching a few fish but the bite was strange. I wouldn’t feel them strike or any kind of hard thump, it was just that when I went to pick it up there was a weight at the end of the line!

I caught 5 fish doing this before we decided to stop for the day. I really like this lake and even though the fishing was slow it was worth it for the views and the quality of fish I did catch.

Lake Ranking 5 star:  I definitely enjoy this lake and plan to keep coming back, I did have one musky following one of my lures and I cant wait to snag one of those monsters!

Smallies at Lewis And Clark

Some friends of mine had rented a campsite for the weekend and had invited me to come along.  We didn’t have a boat and it wasn’t a “fishing trip” per say.. but who are we kidding if I’m that close to one of my favorite lakes, I’m bringing a pole or three!

We had set a few lines the night before and only caught a small white bass.  But today I decided to take a little walk and go down to the Marina on the SD side of the lake.  The wind was blowing into the shoreline on the jetty I stopped at and was causing a bit of stirred up water.  I started by throwing a crankbait but caught much weeds, switched to a spinner bait and didn’t get a single strike.  So, knowing that there was a good population of smallmouth in this lake I switched up a little bit and went to my spinning rod, lighter line and a shaky head with a small brown crawdad plastic on it.  I started to get a few bites but they were hard to catch because of the wind.  By the time I realized one had my bait it had already run a short ways and spit out the lure. But I did manage to catch a few doing this, and they sure fought like crazy!

After a little while I decided to skip to the other side of the jetty and fish the calm waters where the wind couldn’t reach it. I noticed right away due to the water clarity and the calm water that I could see fish swimming around. A lot of them were sunfish and carp but there were a few smallmouth and also some drum swimming around there.  I found that with my polarized sunglasses that if I stayed up the bank about 10+ feet I could spot the fish without spooking them. I would then cast this little crawdad lure down near them and shake it up to the rocks there were searching for bait in.  I ended up catching a really large drum and probably 8-10 small, smallmouth bass this way! It was fun and exiting to see it all happen like that. But eventually I spooked a good number of them and decided to call it a day.

Lake Ranking 5 start: Definitely a great lake though, I love the diversity of the water and the species of fish. I did enjoy it a little more last year when i went out on the lake in a boat.

Deserving of a second chance, Carter Lake

July 16, 2017

I had been to this lake a few years back and was very unimpressed.  I hadn’t caught a fish and the water level was very low and it left me with very little reason to come back.  However, I had been hearing reports and even seen a few youtube video’s of people that had been catching fish here!  I also had heard of small tournaments there and been hearing murmers about it being a “hidden gem” in the area.  So of course i had to go back and give it a second chance.

I started near the ramp on the southeast side.  I fished along the pier and then the lilly pads on the closest shoreline.  Through fishing there I did not get a single bite but I could hear plenty of sunfish smacking the bottom of the lilly pads. So it kind of surprised me I wasn’t getting bits as Bass are usually not to far from the smaller fish they prey on.

I decided to go towards the center of the lake and I wanted to fish the dock and rock piles there. Around the first few docks I hooked into a bass using a chatter bait.  But as I continued to fish along the docks I was not having luck with moving baits.

I switched to a Pig and Jig, and a large flat trailer so that I might be able to skip under the docks.  In order to do this I switched to a longer and heavier rod, with braided line.  Pretty quickly after trying this I hooked into a nice 3lb bass.  I decided to stick to this pattern for a while and it paid off.  If i could find wood docks that the shade went deep and preferably with poles or stumps underneath them.  If I could get up far underneath the docks and get the jig to skip under there where it was difficult to reach i would find good fish hiding and get good bites.  I did loose a few nice fish, including one large enough to run my drag and wrap me deep around some brush before breaking me off.  But while doing so I did land quite a few nice fish as well.  I think I finished with eight or so bass that I was able to boat before the temperature got hot enough that I wanted to leave the lake.

I am definitely glad I decided to go back to this lake. I am not sure there is a large population of bass here yet. But the fish I did find were very healthy and good size!

Lake Ranking: 4 star, While I did now find some nice fish, the depth was still shallow and the fish were difficult to find.  I am much more impressed with it now and definitely plan on going back.

Surprise Stop at Desoto Bend

July 3rd 2017

My brother and I were going to do some fishing at a spot I had noticed off of the river while reviewing google maps as well as the Game and Parks website.  since we both worked that day and didn’t get the chance to leave the house until about 5 we were running a little behind.  On our way to this spot we decided instead to stop at Desoto bend in order to give us more time on the water.

I have fished Desoto bend once or twice a couple of years ago and was not impressed with the fish quality but had hoped that it was improved since then.  The new boat ramp and dock was a pleasant surprise and the views couldn’t have been better! We were able to take some amazing pictures.

We started by fishing around the piers near the boat ramp and moved on to some of the old bridge stumps that were sticking out of the water just to the north.  We didn’t have any luck. We saw a lot of gar and carp hitting the top of the water but couldn’t find a bass, walleye or crappie that wanted to bite.  We did hook into a few gar but they got off the line before we could get them to the boat.

Anticipating a difficult night I did bring some night crawlers to hopefully ensure that we catch a few fish.  And after a couple hours of fishing for bass with no luck what so ever, we switched up to the night crawlers.

We found a nice deep drop off with some of the old wood pieces of the bridge near and stayed there for a while before trying some deep spots near the end of the piers.  I was really surprised that we still did not get even a bite on the worms but that happens sometimes.  It was a gorgeous night on the water and I had a great time getting away with my brother.  Hopefully next time we will catch a few fish.  I also hope that the amount of rough fish in Desoto will go down over time.  If anyone has caught good bass or other fish out of here I would love any tips available.

Lake Ranking: 2 Star

This lake looks nice, had good structure and dept and even the new boat ramp and dock were really nice.  However the lake is so full of trash fish like Gar and Asian Carp.  We saw plenty of those, but did not get a single bit from any other type of fish unfortunately.

Sunrise with Dad!

June 1st 2017

My dad had originally planned a knee replacement this last winter so that we would have plenty of time to fish in the spring and summer, but then later on in the spring he needed a quick hip replacement.  It was a big bummer, but now he was started to get better from the surgeries and we had to get out with the boat!  Its also starting to get hot so we decided to get up really early and hit the lake at sunrise.

We got out there in perfect time and got to see a gorgeous sunrise while starting to fish.  Some great pictures come with everyone else is still sleeping!

We caught a bass or two around the pier before trying the drop off near the campgrounds.  but the shallow spots were very unproductive.  So we decided to head for the channel and fish around some deeper timber.  We stayed on the south side of the lake and found the channel.  It took a few minutes but we did find the fish there.  My dad was fishing the Ned Rig and I was fishing a Pig and Jig.  We found the fish by throwing out baits in deeper pockets (8-10 feet deep) and in the thick part of the brush piles and deep into the trees. The bites were a little soft and hard to recognize.  Often they were just there and we would feel the weight of them on the line.  Once they were hooked they were also tough to get to the boat because we were having to fish so deep in the wood piles that they would often wrap around branches or stick us in trees. We caught quite a few doing this and had even more bites that we missed.

After the bit slowed down a little we left and went to try some of the grass spots on the eastern side of the lake but had very little luck there.

Eventually we made it back to where we had caught fish earlier in the day and continued to catch quality fish.  It was fun to catch fish but it was just as good to be back on the water with my dad. We will be fishing a lot more the rest of this summer to make up for missing some earlier spring trips!

Lake Ranking: 5 star

This lake is always good for catching fish and usually good quality fish.  Always recommend it for people looking to catch good fish that is close to Omaha or Lincoln.

Catfish on the Missouri

June 27

Had a few hours after work today and I tried to get out to the river to see if I could catch a few cats.  Also I’ve got a bass or two on the river and always have to cast a little bit for them as well.

I parked at Dodge park and walked on that bike path a little bit south until I found a place to stop.  I cast out my line with live worms on it and while I was letting it sit I tied on a crank bait to throw around the rock pier. I never did get a bite on any of the lures that I threw for bass but I wasn’t really surprised by that.

The river is always a great place to relax. Especially during the week, there very little boats that drive buy at this time and its a great place to escape the city even when you are so close to it! After a couple minutes I did catch into a decent little catfish.  Decided not to keep him as he was a little on the small side. I did hook into another really small cat that once it bite I wasn’t sure if it was even still there or not!

The one really interesting thing about my trip was the big fish I caught.  It just started running with my line and as soon as I picked it up I could tell it was something big.  Its not very common that I catch a fish that I’m not sure what species it is but I’ll be honest I’m still unsure what this one was.  If anyone reading this knows feel free to message me.  It was big fish and fun to catch but that pretty much put an end to my night.

The sun was setting so I packed up and headed out.  The river is always fun, its exciting to never know what might be biting your line at any moment. Once I get a larger boat I’ll be exploring the river even more.

Red Tail Bass at Wanahoo

June 3rd 2017

Decided to get out a little early today but apparently it wasn’t early enough!  I got to the lake and noticed a lot of trailers in the parking lot, a lot of big boats, wrapped trucks and sponsored boats.. definitely a local tournament going on at the lake today.  That’s OK though, with my small boat I can easily get into places a lot of the bigger boats can’t reach.

I started off fishing the pier by the ramp and then moved onto the shallow grass just to the north of it.  I did catch a green sunfish pretty quickly and then hooked into a small pike off of the pier which is always a good time!

After fishing around some of the bigger boats I decided to head for more difficult waters.  I went under the bridge and back around to the back side (west side) of the island.  Here even in my little boat my trolling motor was kicking up mud and I was pumping into trees and stumps, but it was worth it!  I love this little spot though, its hard to get to and most big boats can’t even touch it.  Sometimes working hard and getting to not well known places pays huge dividends!

I started throwing a bass jig and trailer as well as square bill crank bait that didn’t have a rattle.  Both turned out to be golden! I started catching multiple bass all 2 pounds or better, the biggest was just barely over 4!  The interesting thing about it was that all of the bass and even the pike I caught all had red fins and tails! Very unique.  The fishing were crushing the lures and I often had to use pliers to get the lures from deep within the fish’s mouth.

After fishing around the island and catching around 7 or 8 bass, all 15+ inches I decided to move on and try fishing around some of the other trees without much luck.

Once I was done fishing I talked with someone I knew who was in the tournament a few days later and they said they had caught a few smaller fish but only had one that they checked in for the tournament.  I don’t know what the winning weights were but I think I would have had 5 by myself that would have done well.  So that made me feel pretty good!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

This lake always produces good fish. Even during a tournament day I was able to pull off a pretty good bag of fish.  Its a great place to catch big fish and a lot of numbers of fish.  It’s a busy lake but still big enough for everyone!

Private Lake After a Storm


Today My friend Andy and I decided to get access to a local private lake and try some bass fishing!  Some of his family lives out there so we were able to borrow a little jon boat and do some fishing.  It had been storming all morning and looked like it might break up in the afternoon.  We got out there right around noon and waited for the rain to slow down or stop and once it did we hit the water!

We started on the far west side of the lake and fished along the deeper side with the crushed gravel.  We hooked into a few small bass along the rocks mainly using with crank baits, and most of them were caught by Andy.  Also hooked into a very large drum that was a heck of a fight, it bit on a pig & jig and hit really hard.

As we continued along we went from the rocks to the sandy bottom and fishing around the docks.  There was little bit of a lull where we didn’t catch any fish.  But as we got closer to the east side of the lake we started catching a few more bass that were of better size, we continued catching them with the crank bait as well as a spinner bait.  We also had fun throwing a few small curly tailed worms back into the docks and started catching a few nice crappie as well! As soon as I caught a few crappie I started keeping them and had nice little stringer of fish by the time we were done.

Overall we caught quite a few bass and a good stringer of crappie we put in the freezer for later.  Definitely had fun fishing and its always a good time when you can catch any kind of species at any moment.

Lake Ranking: 5 Stars

The lake has great fishing opportunities, great depth and structure and is a ton of fun. If anyone has access to any the lakes along the Platte River south of Omaha I would definitely recommend hitting them up!

Fish on Frogs, Summit Lake

May 7th 2017

I didn’t wake up as early this morning to go fishing as I would like.  I was supposed to go with a friend and waiting for their response before deciding to just go anyways.  So I didn’t make it to the lake until around 11am.  I knew the weather was calling for a windy day so I was hoping I could beat some of that weather.   Summit lake is known for having clear water and a lot of vegetation and it looks like this year will be no different.

The first thing I notice when I got to the lake was that the crappie spawn was in full swing.  They were hanging out all over the rocks in just a few feet of water and clearly visible to the eye.  And there were tons of them but of course they were not easy to convince to bite!

This lake is somewhat unique as the majority of the shoreline of the lake is rock or gravel but the base of the lake is dirt and mud.  So the vegetation grows in strong and thick but it doesn’t generally cover the first 3-6 feet of the bank.  So I started with a technique I have used here in the past and that was throwing a Horny Toad up to or even onto the bank and pulling it off.  I could run it straight or quickly jerk it.  But either way the bass were as predictable as always, they were sitting in that gap from the bank to the weeds and as soon as that bait pulled off the rocks they were in a hurry to come smack it before it got away in the thick weeds.

I caught 4 bass on the first side of the first pier right by the boat ramp doing this.  None were of any significant size but it’s still a blast watching them explode on a top water.  I did this around 2-3 more piers each holding bass before I decided to take a trip to the south side of the lake where the creek enters.  I know its shallow up there but I was hoping to get into some dirtier water and maybe flip some stumps and catch a few bigger ones.  Unfortunately the water was extremely muddy up there and had basically zero visibility.  I did manage one nicer fish on a spinner bait up there.

The wind started to pick back up so I let it carry me back towards the boat ramp as I threw a spinner bait around some deeper water and managed one or two more fish. It was a short trip but a productive one.

Lake Ranking: 5 star

I love summit, it has many different kinds of species and all have pretty good populations and size.  If you like to fish rocks, grass, cat tails, deep or shallow it has it all and the game and parks do a great job keeping the lake looking nice. I definitely recommend.

Windy day at Wagon Train

April 23rd 2017

My dad and I had not been able to go out fishing yet this year so we took a little trip to one of our favorite lakes near Lincoln. Even though it is one of the most popular lakes we still seem to find good bass just about every time we go.

As usual we started fishing near the boat ramp and around the two rock jetties that are close by.  Initially we were surprised by the water clarity.  A lot of the time we fish this lake we are fishing pretty stained water.  I was throwing a spinner bait, crank bait and occasionally a jig while my dad was throwing a senko and a spinner bait.

Near of the end of the first jetty I caught a nice 3.14 bass! It absolutely crushed my crank bait and had it all the way down its throat.  A good fight and a beautiful looking fish.  Then as we switched to the other jetty my dad caught a nice bass on his senko.  We thought the day would continue to go as planned but then the wind picked up..

We ended up fishing all the other rock points in the lake without a bite before switching to the north side where we tried to fish the sunken trees but were unable to keep the boat in good position or cast very well as the wind was so strong.  So we ended up going to the dam where again we didn’t get bit.

After a couple hours and only the two fish we called it a day. But any day you can catch a 3+ pound bass is a good day!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

Even though the conditions affected us quite a bit we still managed a few fish and had a good time. This lake gets a lot of traffic but still produces really nice fish, I highly recommend it for people in the Lincoln area.