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Duck Hunt, Pawnee SRA. Nov 21st 2015

This weekend we had some changes in the weather coming that made me and my brother really excited to get out and try some duck hunting.  On Thursday and Friday the temperatures started to drop from the mid to high 50’s down into the low 30’s and 20’s and we had gotten a little bit of snow the night before.  Most of the storm missed us north and they got a lot of snow, so we figured that the weather north of us may have pushed a lot of new ducks into our area.

We got to Pawnee SRA really early on Saturday morning and parked on the far west side of the lake.  We parked in the camping area along the creek and decided to walk in from there.  We got in and as we were about to the spot we wanted to hunt we noticed a flashlight coming from around the corner of the reeds that wanted to hunt.  Another group of hunters had coming via boat and set up in the exact spot we were trying to get to to hunt…

We were unable to walk around them as the the reeds were too thick for us to get through, so instead we decided to set up at the mouth of the creek.  It wasn’t ideal as the wind was coming from the northwest so we new the ducks would be flying from the southeast and this other group of hunters was set up direct to the southeast of our set up and would have to pass right by the other hunters set up before heading in our direction.

We watched them shoot a fair number of ducks.  We saw a lot of ducks of many different species, teal, mallards, pintails, wood ducks and also canadian and snow geese.  We did get a few to come around to our decoys as well, we had a few small groups of mallards break off from the group and lock up into our decoys.  I think we were so excited to finally be getting some action that we missed the shot and had some issues with a gun that jammed.

Even though we didn’t harvest birds we had a great morning!  The weather was nice, we had a great view and got to take some pictures that turned out pretty well.  Check out all of the pics below! I’ve got some good ones.

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