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Colorado On the Fly! 6/25/16

I recently had the opportunity to visit my sister in Denver and we decided to make a fun weekend of it while we had a few days.  We had a lot of fun this weekend at baseball games and golfing but #1 on my list was when her and Nick took me up to Winter Park for a few days and we had the opportunity to go fly fishing in the mountains!

We stopped by a fly shop in Denver to pick up supplies and also another one in Winter Park to learn of some of the places to go to find the fish.  I have used a fly rod before but just to catch sunfish and bluegill around Nebraska.  Sharee and Nick had not fly fished before but had plenty of experience fishing with a spinning rod.

Once we had gathered the proper equipment and decided on a location we headed a couple of miles west of Winter Park and started hiking in towards the river.  The guide had told us at this particular location that there was a lot of smaller trout but not many of real size.  He had also said that the river was higher than normal due to some recent rains and all the snow they received winter.  We had never fished it before so we had no idea but we quickly learned what he was talking about.  The water was moving very quickly and since we had no experience fly fishing we had a hard time keeping our fly’s in the areas we thought the fish would be.  We stayed on this part of the river and hiked up a little more for an hour or so without getting a bite so we decided to go to another location.

This second spot was further into the mountains and was a little more scenic!  The creek we were fishing was much smaller and more shallow than the river we just came from.  After a while we happened onto some deep pockets in the river and started getting bites from some really small brook trout.  Honestly the size didn’t matter we were just excited to have found the fish and start catching a few!  We only caught a few and none were of any significant size but we had a great time!

The pictures and the experience was worth the time and effort.  If I were to do it again I would pay for a guide so that we would have more knowledge and skill to help us find the fish but we still had a great time!  Most of these pictures are ones Nick took while we fished and he got some really good ones. Enjoy!41f43603-f382-47c5-ae5e-3f03eee5f255 45d35f54-3a72-4558-a47d-8cec37eab60c 189ca8c0-728e-4504-aacb-3f9d51d53cc9 285c1b36-c475-47f8-a9f6-d669e69e32a2 aba3ad73-20ec-4e9e-a8dd-0210a9dc82e6 d2c7259b-4b17-4344-a174-e803707691c9 d879505f-4f1e-40a5-8041-9b755c63435f