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Windy day at Wanahoo!

May 7th 2016

I hadn’t been out to Wanahoo yet this year so I had to make a trip! The water was high and kind of muddy because we had some recent storms.  Since my boat only has a trolling motor I always start fishing by pier closest to the ramp then move to the reeds and vegetation just north of the ramp.

Today the wind was strong enough that in order to stay in position with my Jon boat I had to anchor multiple times to avoid getting blown off my spot.  I had thrown all kinds of lures and hadn’t gotten bit after about an hour so I decided to move into the trees.

Here I found the channel and tried tying up to trees to help me stay in position.  While there I did get two bites, catching one of them. It was a nice bass just under 3 lbs that I caught on a shad colored crank bait. But even there I wasn’t finding the fish like I wanted to.

I moved all the way to the east side of the lake to try my best to get out of the wind and found a decent spot with what looked like good matted vegetation. I noticed frogs sitting on top but also some good open pockets in the grass, so I tied on a weightless 5″ senko and started throwing on top of the weeds.  Pretty quickly I had a nice bass hit it through the grass! One of the funnest ways to catch a fish! As I worked along the stretch of grass I caught two more fish all between 2-3lbs. The other two bit just as my lure hit the open spot and the bass ambushed it through the openings in the weeds. The grass line I found was in about 6 inches to a foot of water and was only about 100ft long.

It took me a little while to find and catch consistent fish but once I did it was a lot of fun!

Lake ranking: 5 star

Even when the fishing is slow or conditions are tough you can usually find some kind of fish here and they are healthy good sized fish. Also the lake is big enough to be busy and still have room for everyone


Oak Glen Deer Hunt, December 19th 2015

This morning I had to wake up early to take my brother to the airport and since he had to be there by 3:30 am I decided instead of going back to bed that I would use this opportunity to go sit in my deer stand and see if I could fill my tag!

I got to my stand earlier than needed but I always enjoy sitting out there in the dark waiting for the sun to come in complete silence.  As I was out there before sunrise I could hear a pack of coyotes on the property but they never came close enough for me to see them.

The weather was good this morning, chilly but not cold temperatures, cloud cover and a slight breeze from the northwest.  Right as the sun was coming up I started hearing a noise that was a little concerning to me… duck calls.  My spot was on a property that had a small farm pond and it is a public hunting land so anyone could use the property.  Usually this time of year a little place like that pond would be frozen over and the only water around would be the small stream running through the woods.  But this year all the water was still wide open and available for use.

Right as shooting time opened up I started hearing the duck hunters pop off shots like crazy with ducks flying into their area and I saw a few group of mallards flying away.  That was disappointing because my stand was only about 200 yards from the pond and with them popping off shots like that my chances of having a deer want to be anywhere near me went to about 0%.  So I hung around in my stand for about an hour and then decided to start walking around the property to the other side and explore the areas I wasn’t as familiar with and hopefully happen upon a deer in the process that I could spot and stock.

Well no such luck with spotting a deer but I did run across a few really nice areas that I may set up in next year.  I also came across an area where a lot of deer must have passed away in sometime throughout the past few years.  I found about 10-15 different piles of bones in one ravine.  They made for some good picture opportunities so I spent a while messing around in the woods looking at all the wildlife and bones that had inhabited the property.

I still like the hunting spot but so far this year in my two trips I have been interrupted by other hunters or people both times.  I wish it would snow or freeze a little bit so that I would have more confidence that I may be the only one out there.

Better luck next time!

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Duck Hunt, Pawnee SRA. Nov 21st 2015

This weekend we had some changes in the weather coming that made me and my brother really excited to get out and try some duck hunting.  On Thursday and Friday the temperatures started to drop from the mid to high 50’s down into the low 30’s and 20’s and we had gotten a little bit of snow the night before.  Most of the storm missed us north and they got a lot of snow, so we figured that the weather north of us may have pushed a lot of new ducks into our area.

We got to Pawnee SRA really early on Saturday morning and parked on the far west side of the lake.  We parked in the camping area along the creek and decided to walk in from there.  We got in and as we were about to the spot we wanted to hunt we noticed a flashlight coming from around the corner of the reeds that wanted to hunt.  Another group of hunters had coming via boat and set up in the exact spot we were trying to get to to hunt…

We were unable to walk around them as the the reeds were too thick for us to get through, so instead we decided to set up at the mouth of the creek.  It wasn’t ideal as the wind was coming from the northwest so we new the ducks would be flying from the southeast and this other group of hunters was set up direct to the southeast of our set up and would have to pass right by the other hunters set up before heading in our direction.

We watched them shoot a fair number of ducks.  We saw a lot of ducks of many different species, teal, mallards, pintails, wood ducks and also canadian and snow geese.  We did get a few to come around to our decoys as well, we had a few small groups of mallards break off from the group and lock up into our decoys.  I think we were so excited to finally be getting some action that we missed the shot and had some issues with a gun that jammed.

Even though we didn’t harvest birds we had a great morning!  The weather was nice, we had a great view and got to take some pictures that turned out pretty well.  Check out all of the pics below! I’ve got some good ones.

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July 3rd 2015, Wagon train lake

Since both my dad and I had the day before the fourth off of work what better to do than go fishing? And neither had us had been to this lake while the weather was decent this year.

We were at the lake from around 10am-1pm and when we got to the lake the first thing we noticed was how muddy the water was! It looked as thick as chocolate milk and we weren’t sure how the fishing would be but we were going to try.

Once we launched we fished the dock piers right by the boat ramp and we were throwing soft plastics and spinner baits but with the water clarity we quickly made adjustments.  I switched to a bright yellow rattle trap that made a ton of noise, while my dad switched to really dark soft plastics and bass jigs.  I rolled the rattle trap slow enough to be bumping through every rock possible and the bass were picking out off the rocks.  You could hardly tell the difference between a rock and a fish except when you had a fish the line stayed heavy after the initial bump.  While I caught a lot of fish doing this they were all 12-15 inches so my dad had to show me how to catch the big ones!

He was fishing a dark jig and trailer a little deeper off the rock points and had a bunch of 2-3 lb fish hitting his line!  I started off up 5 fish to zero but he quickly caught up and passed me! I think we finished 8 fish (brian) to 12 fish (dad).  Not bad for a couple of hours and a lake that is close to home!

Lake ranking: 5 star
While the recent rains changed his the lake fished it doesn’t mean the fish aren’t there!  A little bit of fishing knowledge and experience goes a long way and if you can find a pattern on this lake then look out! There are a lot of fish and some of really good size, I highly recommend this lake to anyone.








July 27th 2013 Timber Point

Who: Kaylene Barry and Me

Where: Timber Point, Brainard, NE

When: July 27th 2013, 7-10am

Weather: 65 Degrees, Partly Cloud and still

Boat Type: 14ft flat bottom Jon Boat, trolling motor

This is a little lake that I have been itching to go to for a while.  I drove by it early this spring and have heard that there was a good bass population that I wanted to try out.  The lake is just about 30 minutes north of Lincoln and is a beautiful Rec area.  Being back up in the hills it is definitely one of the more scenic lakes I have been to in a long time.  Also this is the first time this year I had the chance to fish with my sister and I was very excited she wanted to go with me.

As we started fishing I thought they might be hitting on top water lures or something fast since it was so early in the morning but we quickly found out that the water temperatures were still high and the water level was a few fee low.  So the bass were still in full summer patterns, we found them hiding deep inside the deeper sunken trees.  Fishing about 5-8 feet of water and letting our Texas rigged plastic creature baits drop deep inside the trees and dangle on the branches. Which is a hard way to fish because you really have to be able to feel when the fish take the lure even though its running through brush and sticks the whole time, and then once you hook one you have to be able to yank him out of the trees before they wrap you around a tree branch.

We fished around the whole lake this way and there are plenty of sunken trees and structure to fish here.  And we tried other spots like shallow weed lines, the dam and back in the coves but all of our fish came in the cover of the sunken trees.  They must have been sitting in the shadows and were clinging tight to them.

Most of the fish we caught were right around 13-15 inches and seemed to be healthy fish.  I was hoping to catch one of the musky that have been stocked in there but didn’t have any luck.  There were 3 other boats on the lake this morning, another small bout like ours, a canoe and a bass boat.  We were the only people that I saw catch a bass but I also wasn’t watching too closely.  With 4 total boats on the lake it was full but not over crowded, being only 28 acres of surface water when at full pool it could get full pretty quickly.

This is definitely a lake I would like to visit again, and with the nice little campgrounds it would be a great place to take a camping trip that wouldn’t see too much traffic.

Overall Ranking: 3 Star

This lake is a not very well know surprise just north of Lincoln.  It is pretty small but has a good depth and lake structure.  The boat ramp was good but no boat dock.  Also caught plenty of decent size bass, I’ll bet there are a few good sized fish in there.