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March 31st 2015, Prairie Queen La Vista

Today was the first day this lake was open to the public so I had to make a trip to see it. 

The place was extremely busy as expected.  And I only had a hour or two so I didn’t get the boat packed up but thought I might fish from shore.  Upon arriving I was impressed with the park itself, the boat ramp, and the structure in the lake.  I did find a map showing the new structures that they had put in the lake before filling it up. 

I started fishing by the rock jetty just to the west of the boat ramp where I immediately caught two nice bass on a swim bait. And as the day went on I moved east until I got to the shadow part near the road on the north side of the lake. I was throwing main a swim jig or a spinner bait and fished around the sunken trees, rock points but most of the fish I caught came in the grass pads in the shadow water.  The bass were coming out from around the grass pads and hitting the baits hard which was a lot of fun. 

As the sun started setting I switched to a buzz bait and got done really aggressive bites on that as well.  It was a great time and i can’t wait to get my boat out on there in the future. 

All in all today I caught about 10 bass all around 12 inches.  So no big ones yet but it’s a new lake and they will have time to grow.

Overall ranking: 5 star

The lake was well put together and although the fish were small they were fun to catch and all get bigger. The ramp and park area were great as well. My only concern is the lake has a 15 inch limit on bass, most in the area have a 2 inch limit so I hope it doesn’t get fished out.

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