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Big Bass at Cunningham, August 7th 2016

Today was a perfect day to hit the lake!  It was around 80 degrees with a slight breeze.  I haven’t been to Cunningham yet this year and I know it has some good fish so I decided to stay close to home and try it out.

I started fishing just to the east of the dock around the rocks on the shoreline.  I didn’t get much success until I got to the camping/fishing piers and there was a tree and stump that was sitting in about 8 feet of water.  I threw a plastic worm around the stump and immediately pulled one 13 inch bass from the tree.  I ended up pulling 3 bass off this stump and decided I had found a pattern. So after I felt that i had caught all of the fish off of this stump I decided to try and find other places to fish wood on the lake.

I know there is a bunch of half sunken brush piles on the west side of the lake so I made the trip to it.  When I got to them I started throwing the worm and also a pig and jig to the brush piles.   My pattern turned out to be correct and I caught them on this pattern for the next hour! I finished with 8 or 9 bass.  But the fun part of my day came when i pitched my jig to a big brush pile and i saw the tree move and the water swirl.  By the time I could catch up to my line the fish was already running away and the fight was on!  Once i got the fish in it was 20 inch 4 pound bass! It was a really good cap to a nice day fishing!

Lake Ranking: 5 star

I’m pretty sure I’ve ranked this lake lower in the past but as i continue to go to this lake I find good underwater structure that I like and I catch good fish. I’ve caught a 5 pounder here before and today caught a 4.  Its a bit surprising for such a popular lake. But I definitely recommend it for anyone who is patient enough to find the patterns and catch fish!

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June 26th 15 Cunningham Lake

Who:  myself
Where: Cunningham lake
Weather: 75 and sunny, no wind

Today was a slower day, I only had a few hours this morning so I stayed close to home and went to Cunningham.  I got there right after sunrise and began the long trip across the lake.  I stopped at some sunken trees on the northwest side and saw plenty of carp but no bass.  So I skipped to the far north of the lake where they have the sunken rock pulled marked by the danger float buoys.

On the north side I did catch a few fish, 2 from the rock piles and two from tree logs.  I caught the two by the rocks on a square bill crank bait and the two by the logs were caught on a plastic creature bait.

This lake seems to have tons of carp and small bass and occasionally you can hook into a pretty decent one or even a ppike. All in all its not too bad for a lake this close to Omaha and highly pressured as it is. Enjoy the pictures!

Overall Ranking: 4 Star

Great boat ramp and docks.  The lake is good in size and depth and you can usually catch a few fish.  For the most part the fish were smaller and the lake has a lot of undesirable fish like bullhead and carp.