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Surprise Stop at Desoto Bend

July 3rd 2017

My brother and I were going to do some fishing at a spot I had noticed off of the river while reviewing google maps as well as the Game and Parks website.  since we both worked that day and didn’t get the chance to leave the house until about 5 we were running a little behind.  On our way to this spot we decided instead to stop at Desoto bend in order to give us more time on the water.

I have fished Desoto bend once or twice a couple of years ago and was not impressed with the fish quality but had hoped that it was improved since then.  The new boat ramp and dock was a pleasant surprise and the views couldn’t have been better! We were able to take some amazing pictures.

We started by fishing around the piers near the boat ramp and moved on to some of the old bridge stumps that were sticking out of the water just to the north.  We didn’t have any luck. We saw a lot of gar and carp hitting the top of the water but couldn’t find a bass, walleye or crappie that wanted to bite.  We did hook into a few gar but they got off the line before we could get them to the boat.

Anticipating a difficult night I did bring some night crawlers to hopefully ensure that we catch a few fish.  And after a couple hours of fishing for bass with no luck what so ever, we switched up to the night crawlers.

We found a nice deep drop off with some of the old wood pieces of the bridge near and stayed there for a while before trying some deep spots near the end of the piers.  I was really surprised that we still did not get even a bite on the worms but that happens sometimes.  It was a gorgeous night on the water and I had a great time getting away with my brother.  Hopefully next time we will catch a few fish.  I also hope that the amount of rough fish in Desoto will go down over time.  If anyone has caught good bass or other fish out of here I would love any tips available.

Lake Ranking: 2 Star

This lake looks nice, had good structure and dept and even the new boat ramp and dock were really nice.  However the lake is so full of trash fish like Gar and Asian Carp.  We saw plenty of those, but did not get a single bit from any other type of fish unfortunately.

Catfish on the Missouri

June 27

Had a few hours after work today and I tried to get out to the river to see if I could catch a few cats.  Also I’ve got a bass or two on the river and always have to cast a little bit for them as well.

I parked at Dodge park and walked on that bike path a little bit south until I found a place to stop.  I cast out my line with live worms on it and while I was letting it sit I tied on a crank bait to throw around the rock pier. I never did get a bite on any of the lures that I threw for bass but I wasn’t really surprised by that.

The river is always a great place to relax. Especially during the week, there very little boats that drive buy at this time and its a great place to escape the city even when you are so close to it! After a couple minutes I did catch into a decent little catfish.  Decided not to keep him as he was a little on the small side. I did hook into another really small cat that once it bite I wasn’t sure if it was even still there or not!

The one really interesting thing about my trip was the big fish I caught.  It just started running with my line and as soon as I picked it up I could tell it was something big.  Its not very common that I catch a fish that I’m not sure what species it is but I’ll be honest I’m still unsure what this one was.  If anyone reading this knows feel free to message me.  It was big fish and fun to catch but that pretty much put an end to my night.

The sun was setting so I packed up and headed out.  The river is always fun, its exciting to never know what might be biting your line at any moment. Once I get a larger boat I’ll be exploring the river even more.

April 17th 2016, Papio Creek

Today I had just a couple of hours in the afternoon that were open and the weather was great so of course I have to find some way to fish.  I hadn’t recharged the battery for my boat and didn’t have a lot of time to drive somewhere anyways, so I just grabbed a box of worms and went down to a part of the creek that is just around the corner from my house.

Papio Creek really fluctuates a lot in water clarity as well as depth/current depending on how much rain we have had lately.  But fortunately for me there wasn’t much rain this week and it was pretty calm and clear!

If you have never explored the creek it is a very cool place.  You can access it from many different areas around the city and once you get down into the creek its like you have just entered a whole other area where it feels like you are miles away from the city.  And there are some truly beautiful places along the creek that are a lot of fun to explore.

Today I found one area where the creek had some depth but opened up a little bit and tied on a catfish line with a worm and just sat down and relaxed.  I didn’t catch much but had 3-4 little catfish bite my line and they were fun to see in the water and they all seemed pretty healthy!

Lake Ranking: 4 star

The creek is a very fun place to explore and you can always see other kinds of wildlife while there.  I saw raccoon tracks, a pair of mallards and a pair of wood ducks.  But the fish are usually pretty small.  It is a small creek so I wasn’t expecting anything big but bigger than 6-8 inches might be nice!

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July 23rd 2014 Middle Decatur Bend

Had a day off in the middle of the week and decided to head back to one of my most intriguing spots.  I choose this spot one for the bass fishing and multiple other species and two because I wanted to do some scouting for deer season!
This was the first time I have fished this lake with a depth finder and to my surprise it actually gets pretty deep, in spots up to 18ft deep.  Still see a lot of Asian carp and gar but today I actually didn’t find the bass like I had on my previous trips.  But I did end up catching an 8lb channel cat on a spinner bait.  Then finally one of my dreams came true and an Asian carp literally jumped into my boat! Pictures below.
Also found the necessary information I need for deer season! So even though I couldn’t find the bass or was still a fun day on the water!

Overall Ranking: 4 Star

This like is kind of a little gem, good fishing with multiple species.  The view is great and its only an hour drive from the metro area.  Overall fairly shallow and there are a lot of undesirable species as well.