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September 7th 2013, Willard Meyer

Who: My dad and myself

Where: Willard Meyer, Wilber NE

When: September 7th 2013 7-11am

Weather: 80 degrees and Sunny

Boat Type: 18ft Nitro Bass Boat

Today we had heard about a new lake through a friend of mine named Kurt and it was within about an hour of my dads place so decided to try a new place.   The lake was beautiful and was far enough outside of Lincoln that we were the only boat on the lake until about 11 when 1 other boat showed up.  The lake was really well set up and had a good campground with a beach and swimming dock.  It had a cement boat ramp and a small dock that was enough for us to get on the lake.

The water was about a foot or two lower than normal pool and also the temperature was 78 degrees so we knew that fishing would be a little slower due to the summer bass patterns.  We started fishing right by the boat ramp where there were some trees that had been sunk.  That produced a bit or two but no fish caught.  We moved from there to the dam where we didn’t even get a strike and the same with the two islands in the middle of the lake.

We had a topographical map so we followed the channel all the way up into the north side of the lake.  Once we got up there into the sunken trees and the old stumps we caught a few but it was still pretty slow conditions.  We were fishing texas rigged black and blue plastics and also caught one on a shad colored crank bait.  Every fish we caught was tucked up very close to the sunken trees in the lake and we definitely had to get our lures back into some very tight spots to pull the fish out.

We fished until the temperature rose and we decided to get off the lake.  We both really liked the lake and will visit it again but hopefully when the conditions were better.  If you get a chance to head to this lake it is a good one and especially if you are camping, it had a lot of other activities at the lake.  Enjoy the pictures!