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Wet, Cold and Clumsy! Wehrspann Lake

April 21 2017

Awe this was an interesting day! Again I had a little time after work and decided to hit up a metro lake I hadn’t visited yet.  I took the trip out to Wehrspann, a like I really enjoy for big fish potential.  I went across the lake towards the east side to start out to a little cove that has some trees and structure to fish.

Within a few minutes I had caught one really nice Crappie and thought that I would continue to catch fish as the day went on.  A few more minutes passed without a bite and I decided to move a little bit…

As I leaned over to adjust the speed on my trolling motor my back foot slipped a little bit.  Usually no big deal as I can grab ahold of the chair of the motor to gain my balance. But his time I put my hand on the head of my trolling motor and as I applied a little pressure the head of the trolling motor snapped and broke off!

Since I was already leaning my weight on the motor when it snapped I completely lost it! It seemed like I was in slow motion as I slowly fell overboard and went completely submerged in the water! I quickly popped back up and grabbed my phone and wallet out of my pockets (now filled with water) and threw them into the boat.  I eventually  got back in and had to head back towards the boat ramp.

Luckily the motor still worked it was just hard to maneuver as the part that changed the speeds and assisted in changing directions was broken.  When I got back to the dock I had an extra pair of clothes in my tool box.  I quickly changed, loaded the boat and went home…

It was quite the experience and too bad nobody was there to laugh at me. But I did manage to get a few pics before shutting off my phone and sticking in in rice for 24 hours!  Since then I have been able to fix the motor and my phone is operational so at least I can look back and laugh now!

April 22nd 2016 Wehrspann Lake, Omaha NE

I hadn’t taken my boat out for a couple of weeks and had a few hours after work today open so I decided to make a quick trip to a local lake.   Wehrspann is really close to my house so I headed there so I could fish as long as possible. The weather was great and there weren’t a lot of boats out on a Friday night so I was able to launch my boat quickly.

I headed to a cover on the east side of the lake and started fishing a spinner bait around the shallow trees and grasses.  Once I got halfway back into the cove I started catching fish.  They were really shallow and around a lot of cover but they would come out and hit the lure aggressively.

Not only was I catching fish but I was seeing fish chasing bait in the shallow water as well!  It was pretty exciting to watch.  And since my lure was working I decided to stick with it and ended up catching about 6 different fish.  All of the fish were healthy and over 12 inches with the two heaviest weight 3.85 and 3.26 pounds!

It was a fun evening, but since I didn’t get out until a little later I didn’t have a lot of time to fish.  As it started getting dark I headed back and trailered the boat.  It was definitely a fun little trip!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

I love that this lake is so close to my home and for being a public lake in the middle of Omaha the fishing is really good.  It surprises me sometimes the quality of fish this lake continues to produce!  If you are looking to get out in Omaha this is definitely one of my favorite spots!

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September 11th 2015, Wehrspann Lake

Had just a couple of hours this evening to go fishing before it got dark.  So I headed to a lake close by here in Omaha.  The water was really stained and I wasn’t sure how the fishing would be with some recent rains and storms we had but its always fun to try!

I stopped at first by the sunken road bed that crosses in the flows in started throwing a frog along the grasses that were in 6 inches of water but were close to the channel (5-6ft deep) and caught a few more there before having to head in for the night.

Lake Ranking: 5 star 

Sometimes this lake can be tough to figure out but the fish are there and there are some really good ones in here.  Some of the best fish in the Omaha area!

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May 24th 2015, Wehrspann lake, Omaha ne

Had a couple of hours this afternoon and what else do you do with down time on memorial day weekend?

Decided to stay local today and hadn’t fished this lake in a while.  I got to the lake around 4 and fished until just before dark.  I started by fishing the sunken road bed running through the middle of the lake but after about 30-40mins of nothing biting and not marking any fish I had to switch up. 

I went to the east side of the lake and started fishing a point that led into the larger cove. Again no bites until I got far back into the cove and was sitting in about 2ft of water.  The end of the cove was shallow and had a lot of matted weeds.  I switched to one of my recently favorite lures called the horny toad, it is a heavy plastic frog that is rugged with just a large worm hook and because of its weight it is easy to cast. 

Right off the bat I caught a nice 16 inch fish and over the next 30 mins I caught 5 fish, all were 16-18.5 inches and I weighed two of them. The first was 3.4 lbs and the second was 3.75 lbs! It was a lot of fun and all the fish were quality. 

After fishing out that cove I tried two more spots that looked just like it and caught 3 more fish in the process!  It took a while but once I found them I had a blast and caught a lot of quality fish on a busy public Omaha lake!

Lake ranking: 5 Star
This lake has great fishing for being in Omaha. It has a lot of different species and good quality too.  I highly recommend to anyone who has a couple hours to spend.







August 24th 2013, Wehrspann Lake

Who: Brian Barry, My Brothers Lab “Kirra”

Where: Wehrspann Lake, Omaha Ne

When: August 24th 2013, 6:30am-11am

Weather 90 Degrees, Sunny

Boat Type: 14ft flat bottom Jon Boat, trolling motor

I had a special guest with me in the boat today!  Kirra is my brothers Labrador and she is really well behaved and loved getting out in the boat with me.

Knowing that it is mid-august in Nebraska I knew that bass fishing would be tough but also that my best chances were early in the morning or late in the evening.  I started off fishing on Saturday morning on the far south side of the lake where the creek enters the main reservoir, and immediately saw some fishing chasing frogs or baitfish in a shallow weed covered flat spot.  So I threw a topwater frog plastic through the weeds and for the next 45 minutes hooked into about 10 bass ranging from 10-16 inches.

Once the Sun really came up and the temperature rose the fished moved off of the flat and the bite slowed down.  So I decided to try some other spots that had a little bit deeper water.  I moved up the creek as far as I could go and caught another small one up there.  Then moved to under the bridge and as it continued to warm up the bite went from slower to completely gone.

I did continue to fish the channel in the middle of the lake to the sunken road bed on the far west side and continued to have little to no action.  So I decided to call it a day and take Kirra to the dock where we could play fetch.

It is a nice lake and I was able to catch some nice fish but there was quite a bit of other boat traffic.  I will definitely be heading back to this lake in the future but I would chose a weekday when there might be less people on the lake.

Enjoy some pictures!

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

This lake is in a great location with good boat ramps, hiking and picnic areas.  It has good size with good depth and structure.  sometimes the fishing can be tough but the good fish are there and there is a good number of fish to be caught if you can find them.