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Windy day at Wagon Train

April 23rd 2017

My dad and I had not been able to go out fishing yet this year so we took a little trip to one of our favorite lakes near Lincoln. Even though it is one of the most popular lakes we still seem to find good bass just about every time we go.

As usual we started fishing near the boat ramp and around the two rock jetties that are close by.  Initially we were surprised by the water clarity.  A lot of the time we fish this lake we are fishing pretty stained water.  I was throwing a spinner bait, crank bait and occasionally a jig while my dad was throwing a senko and a spinner bait.

Near of the end of the first jetty I caught a nice 3.14 bass! It absolutely crushed my crank bait and had it all the way down its throat.  A good fight and a beautiful looking fish.  Then as we switched to the other jetty my dad caught a nice bass on his senko.  We thought the day would continue to go as planned but then the wind picked up..

We ended up fishing all the other rock points in the lake without a bite before switching to the north side where we tried to fish the sunken trees but were unable to keep the boat in good position or cast very well as the wind was so strong.  So we ended up going to the dam where again we didn’t get bit.

After a couple hours and only the two fish we called it a day. But any day you can catch a 3+ pound bass is a good day!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

Even though the conditions affected us quite a bit we still managed a few fish and had a good time. This lake gets a lot of traffic but still produces really nice fish, I highly recommend it for people in the Lincoln area.

Foggy Morning At Wagon Train

October 1st 2016

As fall starts to come in my dad and I wanted to take the boat out another time or two.  I was already going to be in Lincoln for tailgating at the Husker game, so we decided to get up really early and hit a close lake to find some fish.  As we pulled up there was a very heavy fog around the lake that didn’t lift for quite some time.

We started by fishing the first two piers nearest to the boat ramp. Within he first 20-30 minutes my dad had caught one small bass on a senko, I caught one on a crank bait off of the rocks.  Although we had caught a few fish we weren’t getting other bites or catching other fish so we decided to move on.  We then headed towards the north side of the lake and fished a few of the rock jetties and the flooded timber that was up there.  Without any luck we decided to move back towards the south side of the lake.

We fished all along the southwest corner of the lake and along the dam without any additional luck.  We threw everything at them, from spinner baits, crank baits, plastic worms, senko’s etc.  Nothing seemed to entice another bite.  We finished the day fishing around the cove the boat ramp is in since we had recently had luck there around the vegetation… still nothing.  So since we had a football game to watch, we decided to pack up and head out and try another day!

Although today was still tough I love the lake and would definitely recommend it to friends.

Lake Ranking: 5 star

Today was slow but I have caught a lot of fish here over the years and I think that will continue. Plus the park area is a really great place to camp or take the family.

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Hoppin’ Frogs May 21st 2016

My dad and I had a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon and we hadn’t been out fishing together this year yet.  One of our favorite places to go is Wagon Train down by Hickman NE.  When we got to the lake we were pretty surprised that the water was actually pretty clear.

We started fishing right by the ramp and within our first couple of casts I had caught a nice sized Crappie and my dad had caught a bass.  We thought it was going to be a great day where we would catch a lot of fish!  But as soon as we got the first rock pier the bites slowed way down.

We fished all along the first two piers and then skipped up the lake to the north side where there are sunken trees.  Then back down to the southwest side and fished around two more rock piers.  We not only didn’t catch a fish during this time but hadn’t even gotten another convincing bite.

So we decided to skip back to the areas where we started and fish the weed lines in the cove near the boat ramp.  As soon as we got back there we tied on topwater frogs and within the first few casts caught a 2lb bass!  We stuck with this pattern for the next hour and caught a lot of bass, I honestly forgot count.  We kept tossing the frogs far back into the matted weeds and pulling it over the open holes and they were attacking the frogs.  It was really exciting and the water was clear enough we could see the fish come out of the holes and hit the baits.

Definitely a fun day when you can catch fish like that especially during the afternoon like that!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

This lake is always fun to fish and it has lots of diverse opportunities to catch fish.  Whether its weeds, rock or trees there is always a way to find the fish here.0f91a776-9cf9-452f-b73e-6ee9d9208951 3d630a37-c991-4293-a8f8-b9396aa81168 6a099b7d-5316-4875-8dac-e4f39f79fbb8 8aef96cd-16f0-4f4d-98c0-1f73f0ca9da6 52a0b377-1c44-4cda-befb-78d588ceba8d 57c0aa99-c27a-4d33-925f-74df22d33233 168eec24-c367-4a8b-ab2a-b7561bf5a78d a2af44d3-31fb-4d7b-8a77-236893eacebd dcb63fc4-6011-473f-9b6b-ddbf9fa4cea0

July 3rd 2015, Wagon train lake

Since both my dad and I had the day before the fourth off of work what better to do than go fishing? And neither had us had been to this lake while the weather was decent this year.

We were at the lake from around 10am-1pm and when we got to the lake the first thing we noticed was how muddy the water was! It looked as thick as chocolate milk and we weren’t sure how the fishing would be but we were going to try.

Once we launched we fished the dock piers right by the boat ramp and we were throwing soft plastics and spinner baits but with the water clarity we quickly made adjustments.  I switched to a bright yellow rattle trap that made a ton of noise, while my dad switched to really dark soft plastics and bass jigs.  I rolled the rattle trap slow enough to be bumping through every rock possible and the bass were picking out off the rocks.  You could hardly tell the difference between a rock and a fish except when you had a fish the line stayed heavy after the initial bump.  While I caught a lot of fish doing this they were all 12-15 inches so my dad had to show me how to catch the big ones!

He was fishing a dark jig and trailer a little deeper off the rock points and had a bunch of 2-3 lb fish hitting his line!  I started off up 5 fish to zero but he quickly caught up and passed me! I think we finished 8 fish (brian) to 12 fish (dad).  Not bad for a couple of hours and a lake that is close to home!

Lake ranking: 5 star
While the recent rains changed his the lake fished it doesn’t mean the fish aren’t there!  A little bit of fishing knowledge and experience goes a long way and if you can find a pattern on this lake then look out! There are a lot of fish and some of really good size, I highly recommend this lake to anyone.








April 25th 2015, Wagontrain lake

We had this fishing trip planned for weeks, my dad had a trip the following weekend to Table Rock Lake and needed to try out his boat and motor before heading down there. 

Today was cold and rainy but we were determined to go and both of us had fancy new rain suites we wanted to try out.  We were the only boat on the water and with good reason.  The wind was strong and rain started falling as we got to the lake. 

We started fishing the cove right by the ramp without any success.  We then moved to the two fishing piers where I caught one nice bass on a baby brush hog.  We were slightly surprised to catch anything so this was a bonus. 

We moved to the east side and fished both of the fishing piers there without any luck.  Finally calling it a day due to the weather we headed back and loaded the boat. 

A slow day fishing and the weather didn’t cooperate but we did find out that our rain suites work best and his boat ran like a charm.

Lake ranking: 5 star
This lake is full of nice fish and had some great areas to find them.  Anything from rocks, brush, stumps, car tails weeds and sunken trees it has it all.  Even on a bad day we still pulled a decent fish out. I definitely recommend this lake






June 22nd 2013 Wagon Train

Who: My Dad and I

Where: Wagon Train Lake, Hickman NE

When: June 22nd 7-10am

Weather: Warm, started off clear, scattered storms rolled in later

Boat Type: 2003 Nitro Bass Boat

We had been discussing going fishing all week long but the temperatures were in the high 80’s to low 90’s all week and Saturday was supposed to be the hottest day yet.   Therefore we decided to get to the lake early in the morning and had arrived just before 7am.  The weather was clear and pretty warm, but a morning storm rolled by keeping the temperatures nice all morning.

We started by fishing the rock jetties by the boat ramp.  Now my dad was throwing a Texas Rigged plastic bait, which is his tried and true.  9 out of 10 times this is what my dad will start his day with and it usually produces a good number of fish.  I on the other hand like to have 4-5 different baits tied on and will continually switch back and forth between them until a pattern is noticed.  Today I had a multicolored swim bait, a medium diving perch colored crank bait, a brown pig and jig and finally a brown finesse worm.

On the first point we caught 3 or 4 fish and all of them on plastics just near the end of the point, One was over 3lbs!  We fished the other nearby points before they became crowded with people fishing from the shoreline.  We then moved to the sunken brush piles in the shallows water on the east side of the lake.  Here we caught 1 or 2 but it wasn’t the action we were looking for.

It was now time to head to one of our favorite spots on the lake, the sunken tree stumps on the north side just before the rock jetties.  Here we usually hook into a few fish but today was a little different.  The Bass are now post-spawn and starting to turn to their summer patterns.  There were a few bites and missed some fish, catching only 1 nice crappie (see picture below) on a bass crank bait.

We saw a lot of other boats today that were throwing spinner baits around the weed lines by shore but hadn’t seen a one of them catching fish, so that technique was eliminated from our options pretty quickly.

So we quickly decided the points we hit this morning were the place to return to.  Now that it was a little later in the day and fisherman were covering the points by the ramp, we moved to the west side of the lake where there are two points only accessible from the campgrounds or people that wanted to hike around the lake.  Here we picked probably 10 or more fish and two of them were over 3lbs!

Most of the fish were caught on the Texas rigged plastics.  I had tried other rigs such as a shaky-head, Carolina rig, and drop shot but quickly became frustrated with getting snagged in the rocks and losing so many lures that I went back to the Texas rig.  About halfway through the morning a spring scattered storm rolled through and kept the temperature pretty cool, but also brought the wind up quite a bit.

We had a great morning catching 20+ fish and had a few really nice ones.  Still one of our favorite lakes and not a bad morning for only fishing about 3 hours.  Below are some pictures! Enjoy!

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

This lake gets fished a lot but due to its size and reproducing fish levels you can always find some good fish.  The ramp, dock and park areas are great and the lake itself is good looking with good water clarity.


May 18th 2013 Wagon Train

Who: Brian and Jerome, Barry

Where: Wagon Train Lake, Hickman NE

When: May 18th 9am-12pm

Weather: Windy, 75-80 degrees, cloudy

Boat Type: 18ft Nitro Bass Boat (my dads big boy toy)

Today was quite a different day from yesterdays trip to Lake Wanahoo.  The weather had dropped as it looked like a few storms might roll through.  It was windy and being Saturday at Wagon Train it was much more crouded.

We started the day fishing the rock jetties by the boat dock since we knew that if we waited it would be covered with people fishing from shore.  It was slow and not very productive so we decided to move.  We went just to the north side of the beach, where it is pretty shallow but has a lot of small sunken trees in the flats (see attached picture).  My dad started catching fish on a pumpkin seed sinko that he was throwing by the trees in the really shallow spots.  Once again most of the fish were pre-spawn with big bellies or for the males their tails were red and beaten up from moving the ground for their bedding areas.  I was pretty stubborn and stuck with the double willow white spinner bait and the shallow crank since it had worked so well the day before (in completely different weather conditions and lake).  After he pulled in about 4 fish and I had missed a few bites I switched to something slower.  My favorite lure choice, a brown/orange football headed jig with a crawdad trailer.

We continued on the east side of the lake all the way to the shallow stumps on the the north end.  My dad had continued to catch a few more fish but it was still fairly slow.  around the sunken trees on the north side we did see 5 or 6 boats tied up to the trees fishing for crappy but did not see any caught.  We did see a cat fisherman pull in probably a 5ft flathead from around the stumps.

We then moved again to the southwest corner of the lake to fish some sunken brush there and the dam.  Here I finally caught my first fish of the day, a great big 10″ (on a good day) largemouth and as I’m reeling him in my dad hooks into his biggest fish of the day, a 3 lb largemouth (still on the senko) and we had a good comparison picture below.

Although my stubborness caused me to lose this day pretty terribly, it teaches a good lesson on bass fishing, you have to constantly be able to adjust and rethink your strategy as your conditions change.

And even though I only caught one minnow this day, a day on the lake with my dad still beats almost anything else I could be doing.  Thank you dad for the good memories and quality time.

Below are some pictures from todays trip.  Enjoy!

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

Great boat ramp and dock as well as picnic and fishing areas.  The lake is big with good dept and structure as well as good water clarity.  You can always seem to find some pretty good sized fish while here.