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Fun with Fish and Frogs, Timber Point

So a friend and I decided to go hit up Timber Point, its a small little lake tucked up in the hills and unless you know someone or really do your research most people don’t know about it.  It does have a cement ramp and a dock but it is a relatively small lake.  The depth in the lake is good and they have all kinds of species in there (including Musky).

We started by fishing the cover to the west side of the lake without much luck, the water was calmer and easier to control out small boat and kayak but were eventually forced to search out the rest of the lake.

There are some submerged trees on the east side of the lake that boarder some deeper water and today the wind was blowing into the bank so I was hoping it would be an active spot.  With only catching one fish there we moved on and fished the rest of the cove and a then also the southside where the creek joins the lake. We had pulled out two fish so far but it was pretty slow going.

So I decided to go back and fish the submerged trees again but his time i downsized and slowed down a lot.  I broke out my spinning rod with lighter line, a 1/4 oz weight and a senko rigged texas style. But to make the profile even smaller i cut the senko in half before putting in on the hook. I started catching a few fish but the bite was strange. I wouldn’t feel them strike or any kind of hard thump, it was just that when I went to pick it up there was a weight at the end of the line!

I caught 5 fish doing this before we decided to stop for the day. I really like this lake and even though the fishing was slow it was worth it for the views and the quality of fish I did catch.

Lake Ranking 5 star:  I definitely enjoy this lake and plan to keep coming back, I did have one musky following one of my lures and I cant wait to snag one of those monsters!

July 27th 2013 Timber Point

Who: Kaylene Barry and Me

Where: Timber Point, Brainard, NE

When: July 27th 2013, 7-10am

Weather: 65 Degrees, Partly Cloud and still

Boat Type: 14ft flat bottom Jon Boat, trolling motor

This is a little lake that I have been itching to go to for a while.  I drove by it early this spring and have heard that there was a good bass population that I wanted to try out.  The lake is just about 30 minutes north of Lincoln and is a beautiful Rec area.  Being back up in the hills it is definitely one of the more scenic lakes I have been to in a long time.  Also this is the first time this year I had the chance to fish with my sister and I was very excited she wanted to go with me.

As we started fishing I thought they might be hitting on top water lures or something fast since it was so early in the morning but we quickly found out that the water temperatures were still high and the water level was a few fee low.  So the bass were still in full summer patterns, we found them hiding deep inside the deeper sunken trees.  Fishing about 5-8 feet of water and letting our Texas rigged plastic creature baits drop deep inside the trees and dangle on the branches. Which is a hard way to fish because you really have to be able to feel when the fish take the lure even though its running through brush and sticks the whole time, and then once you hook one you have to be able to yank him out of the trees before they wrap you around a tree branch.

We fished around the whole lake this way and there are plenty of sunken trees and structure to fish here.  And we tried other spots like shallow weed lines, the dam and back in the coves but all of our fish came in the cover of the sunken trees.  They must have been sitting in the shadows and were clinging tight to them.

Most of the fish we caught were right around 13-15 inches and seemed to be healthy fish.  I was hoping to catch one of the musky that have been stocked in there but didn’t have any luck.  There were 3 other boats on the lake this morning, another small bout like ours, a canoe and a bass boat.  We were the only people that I saw catch a bass but I also wasn’t watching too closely.  With 4 total boats on the lake it was full but not over crowded, being only 28 acres of surface water when at full pool it could get full pretty quickly.

This is definitely a lake I would like to visit again, and with the nice little campgrounds it would be a great place to take a camping trip that wouldn’t see too much traffic.

Overall Ranking: 3 Star

This lake is a not very well know surprise just north of Lincoln.  It is pretty small but has a good depth and lake structure.  The boat ramp was good but no boat dock.  Also caught plenty of decent size bass, I’ll bet there are a few good sized fish in there.