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May 15th Spirit Lake

Who: My Grandma and Grandpa and two of their friends

Where: Spirit Lake, Spirit Lake Iowa

When: May 15th 2014

Weather 45 Degrees and Windy

Boat Type: Fishing from shore

This is what fishing is all about.  Being able to fish with my grandparents as they showed me around a new place and trying new ways to catch fish.

My Grandparents make this trip every year in the spring and I finally had a day off that I could join them.  They head up to Spirit Lake and fish for bullheads so they can fill their freezer with some fish to eat for the year.  They had been there from Wednesday morning through mid day Friday and I drove up Wednesday night and drove back Thursday night.  But that was plenty of time to do some good fishing.

We woke up really early for some breakfast before hitting the lake early.  We caught a few fish in the morning then took a break for lunch be fore returning to the water.

They took me out to the lake and showed me all the spill ways and creek entrances they spot up on to find their bullhead, but with the water being a little low so there was not a lot of water moving through the spillways.  We did however find one that there was some water moving and there were some pretty good bullhead stacking up in it.  On Thursday alone we had between 14-20 bullhead, 2 bass and 1 carp caught.  Fishing mainly with worms in the spillway but I would cast my lures attempting to find a bass wondering around.

The Lake was bigger than I thought and had some great views.  They also showed me the place they take the fished to get cleaned and freeze wrapped.  I was glad I was able to see the place but the real treat of the weekend was getting some good times with my grandparents, even if it was cold and windy.

Overall Ranking: 4 Star

Great size and depth of the lake.  We caught plenty of fish of multiple species and all had good size.  My only downfall with this lake is the distance to get there.