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Private Lake After a Storm


Today My friend Andy and I decided to get access to a local private lake and try some bass fishing!  Some of his family lives out there so we were able to borrow a little jon boat and do some fishing.  It had been storming all morning and looked like it might break up in the afternoon.  We got out there right around noon and waited for the rain to slow down or stop and once it did we hit the water!

We started on the far west side of the lake and fished along the deeper side with the crushed gravel.  We hooked into a few small bass along the rocks mainly using with crank baits, and most of them were caught by Andy.  Also hooked into a very large drum that was a heck of a fight, it bit on a pig & jig and hit really hard.

As we continued along we went from the rocks to the sandy bottom and fishing around the docks.  There was little bit of a lull where we didn’t catch any fish.  But as we got closer to the east side of the lake we started catching a few more bass that were of better size, we continued catching them with the crank bait as well as a spinner bait.  We also had fun throwing a few small curly tailed worms back into the docks and started catching a few nice crappie as well! As soon as I caught a few crappie I started keeping them and had nice little stringer of fish by the time we were done.

Overall we caught quite a few bass and a good stringer of crappie we put in the freezer for later.  Definitely had fun fishing and its always a good time when you can catch any kind of species at any moment.

Lake Ranking: 5 Stars

The lake has great fishing opportunities, great depth and structure and is a ton of fun. If anyone has access to any the lakes along the Platte River south of Omaha I would definitely recommend hitting them up!

March 6th 2016 Private Pond

As I was at my parents house watching some basketball and what better to do during halftime than try and catch some fishing at my parents private pond!  Most of our fishing equipment was still packed up for winter but we had a couple of poles that still had string and lures on it. So we just grabbed them and fished with whatever was on.

I had a a baitcaster with a spinnerbait and my dad had a spinning reel with a senko on it.  It didn’t take long before we both started catching fish! I think this might have been the earliest in the year that we had both caught a fish.  We didn’t fish too long but I think we both caught two nice healthy fish and then went back in to watch some basketball!  Who could ask for a better afternoon!

Enjoy the pictures.

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June 6th 2015 Private Pond

Today we had a family BBQ and since my parents own their own little private pond we grabbed some fishing poles and decided to have some fun. 

This pond is well stocked with bass and blue gill. By throwing crappie jigs and small senko worms we were able to catch lots of bass and bluegill in a short amount of time!  And the picture below with Krysta and her fish was great, there is nothing better than taking someone with you fishing!