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Fishing local at Prairie Queen

April 13 2017

Today after work my friend Andy and myself had some time available and decided to take the boat out to a local metro lake. The new one prairie queen has been good over the past few years and I’d been hearing people say that they were catching fish so we decided to give it a try.

I was actually really surprised by the water clarity.  We had recently gotten a lot of rain and I thought it would be fairly stained water but it was crystal clear.  We started on the southeast corner near the dam, fishing around the rock jetty and some of the sunken timber over there.

Without getting a bite or seeing any signs of fish in the area we moved to the cove on the north side of the lake and fished some off the off shore structures there.  We still hadn’t even gotten a strike so we were starting to think we could go without catching a fish today.  So we decided to move around a bit more, we fished the channel and the trees in the middle surrounding the channel. Then we fished the east side of the cove where there was a lot of grass.

As we were fishing out way towards the dam we can across a spot that got slightly deeper (about 2-3ft deeper) and we noticed that the weeds had suddenly gone away.  This little stretch of structure lasted for maybe 100 yards.  On our first pass through Andy caught three bass on a crank bait.  So I tied on a similar bait and we started going back and forth fishing this area.  We caught 10-12 fish between the two of us.  All of them were small but fun none the less.  And they all hit the lure about halfway back to the boat, so they were suspending out away from the bank.

We fished there until it was starting to get dark and decided to call it a day.  We were both pretty happy since we didn’t have high expectations after how the day began.

Lake Ranking: 5 star

The fish in this lake are all still pretty small, there are a few nicer ones mixed in but they have yet to grow to any real size. This should continue to be a good fishery and is a great place to bring a new fisherman.

March 12th 2016, Prairie Queen, Omaha Ne

I had recently renewed all the registrations on my boat, trailer and my park sticker.  I also spent some time doing some work to my boat as far as fixing leaks and updated the seats, so I had to test out the new equipment!  I had made the decision very early on that I was going to fish on saturday, but unfortunately for me I didn’t check the weather when I decided this!

Saturday rolls around and it is about 50 degrees windy with about a 60% chance of rain!  I decided to tough it out and go anyways.  So i put on my Bass Pro rain suite and took the boat out.  I decided to go to the closest lake to home since I knew I probably wouldn’t stay out long.  So I went to Prairie Queen and ended up staying out for about two hours.

I started by fishing the rock jetty just to the east of the boat ramp with a spinner bait and a crankbait without any luck. So i headed out to the channel and fished deep into some of the trees.  Again without much luck I headed towards the shore line where I knew the lake had been dug out.  So there was a deep spot of about 18 feet that came up quickly to about 4-5 feet of water.  As I was throwing my crankbait around this drop off I caught one small bass.

The fishing was slow and it rained on me the whole time so I decided to call it a day and pack up.  But I was not disappointed, all of my equipment worked well and I caught a fish so it was good day!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

This lake was new last year and has some great structure to fish and I have caught plenty of fish out of it.  I look forward to trying it more this summer and hopefully get into some crappy this spring!

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August 21st 2015 Prairie Queen

Tonight I had a really cool opportunity, I have two friends that have young kids and we decided to take them fishing for the first time!  When teaching kids to fish there is some preparation that goes into it.  First you have to find a lake that will have a lot of fish, size really doesn’t matter but you want to make sure they will catch fish!  Also you need to find a spot that is easily accessible and will have room for the kids to run around.  Then you need to prepare with the proper tackle and bait, meaning easy to use fishing poles and I always bring live bait.  Prairie Queen (the new lake in Papillion) provided all of this for us.   The lake was constructed very well and has easily accessible fishing piers and plenty of sunfish and bass for the kids to catch.

We headed out to the lake around 7 and had about an hour and a half before it started getting dark.  We had bought some bobbers and worms at cabelas before heading to the lake so we were sure to catch fish.

It only took a few seconds after dropping the bait into the water for some sunfish to find it and the adults spent the whole time taking fish off the line and putting worms on the hook.  All of the fish caught were small sunfish but there was so many of them and the kids had a blast catching a lot of fish!  I have a lot of pictures and I think they pretty well speak for themselves.

But takes kids fishing!  I believe it is very important to get kids outdoors and find something you can experience together and create memories!

Lake Ranking: 5 star

This lake is a great new lake!  Lots of fish and very good shore access.  It was the perfect spot to bring kids and help them catch a lot of fish!

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May 8th 2015 Prairie Queen Lake

Got up early today to fish for a couple of hours with Sam.  She had never fished out of a boat before but loves to fish so this was going to be a fun new experience.   We both only had a couple of hours so we stayed in town and went to the new lake prairie queen which is just down the road. 

It was a beautiful day to fish and the lake is gorgeous.  I had never had my boat out on this lake yet so I was excited to see the depths and structures they added to the lake.  We fished the entire west side of the lake and everything was flooded under a free extra feet of water.  We even made it all the way up the creek and under the bridge to see where the water comes into the lake. 

We tried all kinds of lures and all different types of structure from rocks to trees to grassy flats.  We ended up catching 3 bass, I caught 2 but her she caught the biggest one so we called it even.  All three fish were caught on crank baits and in fairly shallow water.  It was a great short trip and we had a really good time.





Lake Ranking: 5 Star
This lake has some great potential and I love the depth they added to the lake.  This will become very similar to Walnut Creek after a couple years.  Good healthy fish and plenty of room for a lot of boats.  If you haven’t tried it yet I definitely recommend it.

March 31st 2015, Prairie Queen La Vista

Today was the first day this lake was open to the public so I had to make a trip to see it. 

The place was extremely busy as expected.  And I only had a hour or two so I didn’t get the boat packed up but thought I might fish from shore.  Upon arriving I was impressed with the park itself, the boat ramp, and the structure in the lake.  I did find a map showing the new structures that they had put in the lake before filling it up. 

I started fishing by the rock jetty just to the west of the boat ramp where I immediately caught two nice bass on a swim bait. And as the day went on I moved east until I got to the shadow part near the road on the north side of the lake. I was throwing main a swim jig or a spinner bait and fished around the sunken trees, rock points but most of the fish I caught came in the grass pads in the shadow water.  The bass were coming out from around the grass pads and hitting the baits hard which was a lot of fun. 

As the sun started setting I switched to a buzz bait and got done really aggressive bites on that as well.  It was a great time and i can’t wait to get my boat out on there in the future. 

All in all today I caught about 10 bass all around 12 inches.  So no big ones yet but it’s a new lake and they will have time to grow.

Overall ranking: 5 star

The lake was well put together and although the fish were small they were fun to catch and all get bigger. The ramp and park area were great as well. My only concern is the lake has a 15 inch limit on bass, most in the area have a 2 inch limit so I hope it doesn’t get fished out.

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