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Oak Glenn WMA Deer Hunt

I had been out to my deer stand a couple of times during earlier bow season but today was the first day I was able to go out during Muzzleloader! As I parked 3 other trucks pulled up and were ready to hunt the same property.  One was bow and the other two were muzzleloaders, but fortunately the property is large enough once we walked into the woods we didn’t really bother each other at all.

Early on in the morning I saw 3 does that walked close, but they chose a different path and I watched them walk by.  About an hour after sunrise I heard a noise behind me and turned to look and see a buck walking down the walking path that I used that morning to walk in on.  As he approached he stopped next to the creek for a quick drink and to look around.  I was watching him pretty closely, a nice 4×4 young buck.  He ended up taking a diverting path that turned him broadside at about 20 yards, and at that point I took my shot!

He ran up over the ridge and slowly walked out of site but I knew I had a good shot on him.  I waited about 1 hour before getting down out of the tree stand and went and found him about 50 yards total from where he was standing when I pulled the trigger!  Once I started field dressing the deer I noticed he had been shot before.  He had another bullet hole (really low on his stomach) that had started to heal over, I assume it took place during the rifle season a couple of weeks before.

He isn’t the biggest buck in the world but for being on highly pressured public land I was not at all disappointed! After I started dragging the deer back to the truck it started snowing, big heavy flakes, kind of a cool scene to be apart of.