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May 18th 2014 Mile Hill Lake

Who: Brandon Dubois (my brother-in-law) and me

Where: Mile Hill, Glenwood Iowa

When: May 18th 2014

Weather 75 degrees with a breeze

Boat Type: 14ft jon boat and trolling motor

Another good trip that just goes to show how important the outdoors are.  Today I took my brother-in-law.  Right now he is just getting out of high school and starting his adult life.  He could really use a positive roll model and what better way to spent a day together than on the lake fishing.

Since he is from Council Bluffs and had just purchased an Iowa license I decided to head over there to try some new lakes.  We drove by Pony Creek but decided on Mile Hill since we could get out of the wind at that lake.  The water was extremely clear, I could see for probably 5 ft through the water.  There fore I saw plenty of fish but they were also spooked really easily.

We fished for a few hours before my trolling motor started giving me trouble and we decided to stop.  But this lake was a very pretty lake.  Up in the bluff hills of Iowa and had a lot of natural woodlands surrounding the lake.  It had good parking and walking trails there as well.

The lake is only about 40 acres so we were able to fish most of it.  We could see the bluegill spawning in the shallows and a few bass were still sitting up there as well but by the time we would get close they would spook as the water was so clear.  We did end up finding a few nice crappy and missed some good bass bites.  This is definitely a lake I will be trying again another time but I hope we have a little bit better luck…

Overall Ranking: 3 Star

This is a very pretty lake up in the hills.  Good hiking paths and park area.  The lake structure and water clarity were great, I just didn’t have much luck fishing it and the boat ramp was rough.