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Wet, Cold and Clumsy! Wehrspann Lake

April 21 2017

Awe this was an interesting day! Again I had a little time after work and decided to hit up a metro lake I hadn’t visited yet.  I took the trip out to Wehrspann, a like I really enjoy for big fish potential.  I went across the lake towards the east side to start out to a little cove that has some trees and structure to fish.

Within a few minutes I had caught one really nice Crappie and thought that I would continue to catch fish as the day went on.  A few more minutes passed without a bite and I decided to move a little bit…

As I leaned over to adjust the speed on my trolling motor my back foot slipped a little bit.  Usually no big deal as I can grab ahold of the chair of the motor to gain my balance. But his time I put my hand on the head of my trolling motor and as I applied a little pressure the head of the trolling motor snapped and broke off!

Since I was already leaning my weight on the motor when it snapped I completely lost it! It seemed like I was in slow motion as I slowly fell overboard and went completely submerged in the water! I quickly popped back up and grabbed my phone and wallet out of my pockets (now filled with water) and threw them into the boat.  I eventually  got back in and had to head back towards the boat ramp.

Luckily the motor still worked it was just hard to maneuver as the part that changed the speeds and assisted in changing directions was broken.  When I got back to the dock I had an extra pair of clothes in my tool box.  I quickly changed, loaded the boat and went home…

It was quite the experience and too bad nobody was there to laugh at me. But I did manage to get a few pics before shutting off my phone and sticking in in rice for 24 hours!  Since then I have been able to fix the motor and my phone is operational so at least I can look back and laugh now!

Fishing local at Prairie Queen

April 13 2017

Today after work my friend Andy and myself had some time available and decided to take the boat out to a local metro lake. The new one prairie queen has been good over the past few years and I’d been hearing people say that they were catching fish so we decided to give it a try.

I was actually really surprised by the water clarity.  We had recently gotten a lot of rain and I thought it would be fairly stained water but it was crystal clear.  We started on the southeast corner near the dam, fishing around the rock jetty and some of the sunken timber over there.

Without getting a bite or seeing any signs of fish in the area we moved to the cove on the north side of the lake and fished some off the off shore structures there.  We still hadn’t even gotten a strike so we were starting to think we could go without catching a fish today.  So we decided to move around a bit more, we fished the channel and the trees in the middle surrounding the channel. Then we fished the east side of the cove where there was a lot of grass.

As we were fishing out way towards the dam we can across a spot that got slightly deeper (about 2-3ft deeper) and we noticed that the weeds had suddenly gone away.  This little stretch of structure lasted for maybe 100 yards.  On our first pass through Andy caught three bass on a crank bait.  So I tied on a similar bait and we started going back and forth fishing this area.  We caught 10-12 fish between the two of us.  All of them were small but fun none the less.  And they all hit the lure about halfway back to the boat, so they were suspending out away from the bank.

We fished there until it was starting to get dark and decided to call it a day.  We were both pretty happy since we didn’t have high expectations after how the day began.

Lake Ranking: 5 star

The fish in this lake are all still pretty small, there are a few nicer ones mixed in but they have yet to grow to any real size. This should continue to be a good fishery and is a great place to bring a new fisherman.

Gzechland Crappie 4/9/17

Well this winter I bought a new boat and had to try it out!  So today I took my friend Hannah with me to Gzechland Lake near Prague.  I have been hearing for a few weeks that the crappie were biting and I’d love to put a few in my freezer.

The day was a perfect day, sunny and about 75 with a little breeze!  At the lake there were quite of few people fishing from shore and 2-3 boats but that was ok because I wanted to fish the trees near the channel on the west side of the lake.  I have prepared a few poles and taken some worms with us to help catch some fish.

After getting in place and setting the anchor near a few trees in the 5-6 foot depth, I got Hannah rigged up and fishing first.  We were fishing with a slip bobber and a crappie jig with a small piece of worm for scent.  But on my first cast I caught a beautiful 13 inch Crappie!  I had heard there were nice crappie in this lake but I usually target bass and hadn’t caught one yet from it.  I was really excited and expecting to have a great afternoon fishing.

Unfortunately even though we had a great time on the water that was the only fish we caught that afternoon.  We both missed 1 or 2 bites before it got dark and we headed home.  Still had at least one decent fillet though!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

I have caught plenty of bass in this lake in the past and now was excited to catch a good crappie too.  I did watch someone else fishing small spinners and other moving baits as i was loading up the boat and they caught three smaller crappie pretty quickly.. guess i was just using the wrong bait and too stubborn to switch! whoops!

Fish on the Fly, Long Pine NE 10/8/16

Every year my dad, brother and I plan a guys fishing weekend were we can get away for a few days.  We always find a weekend in the fall where we can get out of town, rent a cabin, fish and grill some good food!  This year we had attempted to go to a lake in Missouri but found out a few months in advance that there was a large tournament being held the same weekend we were planning to go, so we decided to try something different.  We had been to Long Pine about 20 years ago when we were little kids but hadn’t been since.  My dad is coming off a recent trip to Colorado where he fished the Arkansas river and had a guided tour teach him about fly fishing.

We got up to our cabin Friday right around sunset and only had enough time to take the hiking path down to the stream to see what we would be fishing the next day.  We then spent the rest of the night watching a movie and eating food.

The next morning my brother and I got up to our dad cooking a good breakfast, then the three of us loaded up and walked down to the stream to try our luck.  We started all fishing by each other and trying to stay relatively close so we could talk and have a good time but the stream was a little small for three people so we eventually split up and fished on our own.

We tried anything from dry flies, wet flies, spinners and worms.  The fishing started off pretty slow, the water was extremely clear so we could see a few trout swimming around us in the water but it took a little while before we caught one.  The fishing was actually pretty slow, we did catch fish but never really found a consistent pattern and they were pretty spread apart in times of catch as well.  Most of the fish came on a dry fly, floating it down the stream over parts of the stream that had bigger gravel bottoms.

We fished Sat morning and afternoon and then a little bit on Sunday and ended with about 10 fish.  All were pretty small (around 7-10 inches).  But we did catch both species, brown and rainbow.  There were a few times that we did spot some rather large trout either cruising by or avoiding the current behind a rock but could never entice the larger ones to bite.

We had a great time getting out with each other and spending some time together.  Fly fishing is definitely a type of fishing that is growing on me and i’m intrigued by!

Ranking: 5 star

The cabins were nice and it was a short walk to the river.  We did catch a few fish and heard of people that were catching a lot of larger ones just a couple days before we got there.  Beautiful scenery tucked deep into the sandhills of Nebraska.  Definitely a place I would recommend visiting.

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Foggy Morning At Wagon Train

October 1st 2016

As fall starts to come in my dad and I wanted to take the boat out another time or two.  I was already going to be in Lincoln for tailgating at the Husker game, so we decided to get up really early and hit a close lake to find some fish.  As we pulled up there was a very heavy fog around the lake that didn’t lift for quite some time.

We started by fishing the first two piers nearest to the boat ramp. Within he first 20-30 minutes my dad had caught one small bass on a senko, I caught one on a crank bait off of the rocks.  Although we had caught a few fish we weren’t getting other bites or catching other fish so we decided to move on.  We then headed towards the north side of the lake and fished a few of the rock jetties and the flooded timber that was up there.  Without any luck we decided to move back towards the south side of the lake.

We fished all along the southwest corner of the lake and along the dam without any additional luck.  We threw everything at them, from spinner baits, crank baits, plastic worms, senko’s etc.  Nothing seemed to entice another bite.  We finished the day fishing around the cove the boat ramp is in since we had recently had luck there around the vegetation… still nothing.  So since we had a football game to watch, we decided to pack up and head out and try another day!

Although today was still tough I love the lake and would definitely recommend it to friends.

Lake Ranking: 5 star

Today was slow but I have caught a lot of fish here over the years and I think that will continue. Plus the park area is a really great place to camp or take the family.

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Beautiful day at Burchard 8/27/16

My dad and I had plenty of time this morning to head out and fish and we had not yet been to Burchard since they reopened the lake.  First off I want to say the renovations were great! boat ramp and rock yetties were awesome, water quality was good and the lake looked healthy.

We started by fishing on the point just across the lake from the boat ramp.  We initially were throwing spinner baits and a few soft plastics without much luck.  But after moving about 100 yards down the shoreline we hit a spot that got a little bit deeper and a had some submerged piles of trees to fish around. My dad started catching a few on a Senko and I switched to a Crank Bait and started getting hits as well! For the most part we caught a bunch of 12 inch fish, nothing big but still fun to catch.

As we worked around the point in the middle of the lake my dad hooked into a really nice 3 1/2 pound largemouth! I also caught a few different types of fish on my crankbait.  I caught a really nice crappie and flathead catfish (pictured below).  The weather was great and we caught plenty of fish!  Definitely worth the short drive down to the lake.  All in all for the day we ended up with about 16-20 bass a few sunfish, a catfish, and a crappie!  Pretty productive for just a couple of hours.

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

This was one of my favorite lakes before they did the renovations and it definitely maintained the good points of the lake while adding better accessibility to it.  I would recommend this lake to anyone who was willing to take a short drive or who wanted to camp out in the country.unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6 unnamed-7 unnamed

Big Bass at Cunningham, August 7th 2016

Today was a perfect day to hit the lake!  It was around 80 degrees with a slight breeze.  I haven’t been to Cunningham yet this year and I know it has some good fish so I decided to stay close to home and try it out.

I started fishing just to the east of the dock around the rocks on the shoreline.  I didn’t get much success until I got to the camping/fishing piers and there was a tree and stump that was sitting in about 8 feet of water.  I threw a plastic worm around the stump and immediately pulled one 13 inch bass from the tree.  I ended up pulling 3 bass off this stump and decided I had found a pattern. So after I felt that i had caught all of the fish off of this stump I decided to try and find other places to fish wood on the lake.

I know there is a bunch of half sunken brush piles on the west side of the lake so I made the trip to it.  When I got to them I started throwing the worm and also a pig and jig to the brush piles.   My pattern turned out to be correct and I caught them on this pattern for the next hour! I finished with 8 or 9 bass.  But the fun part of my day came when i pitched my jig to a big brush pile and i saw the tree move and the water swirl.  By the time I could catch up to my line the fish was already running away and the fight was on!  Once i got the fish in it was 20 inch 4 pound bass! It was a really good cap to a nice day fishing!

Lake Ranking: 5 star

I’m pretty sure I’ve ranked this lake lower in the past but as i continue to go to this lake I find good underwater structure that I like and I catch good fish. I’ve caught a 5 pounder here before and today caught a 4.  Its a bit surprising for such a popular lake. But I definitely recommend it for anyone who is patient enough to find the patterns and catch fish!

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Fishing in the rain! 7/2/16

My dad and I had been planning to go fishing on this day all week.  As the time got closer we checked the weather and noticed it started calling for a rainy day.. Kinda of bummed but it looked like the temperature was still supposed to be decent and it looked like rain only, not to much wind or any lightning.  So we decided to pack up our rain suites and give it a go anyways.

We started by fishing the trees and rock jetties around the south side of the lake.  The water was pretty clear and even though it was raining we thought we should get into some fish.  After fishing for a while with little to no bites we decided to switch it up and we headed north of the walking path.

We noticed immediately after going under the bridge that the water on the north side was much dirtier than the south.  But as we started fishing the trees right by the channel on the North side my dad hooked into a nice bass!  We switched up our presentations to slower plastics and started catching fish.  All of the bass were 2-3 lbs and seemed to be good healthy fish.  I also hooked into a large Northern Pike that was a blast to catch.

We still weren’t catching fish like crazy but we had found 4-5 and had some fun catching um.  After a while we became tired of the rain and decided to call it a day.  Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest Wanahoo never seems to disappoint!

Lake Ranking: 5 star

Even in rainy windy conditions it may have taken us a while to find fish but we did find them and found some quality fish at that.  I would recommend Wanahoo to anyone looking to find a good number a fish and some of quality too!0e25a475-23d8-4079-aa44-efc526b0d5d1 5a8e9fb6-2a9e-454d-b641-7b8f6549c794 34be4502-10b1-4424-a72d-94a5c0cd4d4e 347d6830-f9b8-48f4-a12b-d8a1aadc7a5a 666efa20-4b67-40c1-b07e-8739856140bd 95300864-71aa-40ab-9688-4140127b9871

Colorado On the Fly! 6/25/16

I recently had the opportunity to visit my sister in Denver and we decided to make a fun weekend of it while we had a few days.  We had a lot of fun this weekend at baseball games and golfing but #1 on my list was when her and Nick took me up to Winter Park for a few days and we had the opportunity to go fly fishing in the mountains!

We stopped by a fly shop in Denver to pick up supplies and also another one in Winter Park to learn of some of the places to go to find the fish.  I have used a fly rod before but just to catch sunfish and bluegill around Nebraska.  Sharee and Nick had not fly fished before but had plenty of experience fishing with a spinning rod.

Once we had gathered the proper equipment and decided on a location we headed a couple of miles west of Winter Park and started hiking in towards the river.  The guide had told us at this particular location that there was a lot of smaller trout but not many of real size.  He had also said that the river was higher than normal due to some recent rains and all the snow they received winter.  We had never fished it before so we had no idea but we quickly learned what he was talking about.  The water was moving very quickly and since we had no experience fly fishing we had a hard time keeping our fly’s in the areas we thought the fish would be.  We stayed on this part of the river and hiked up a little more for an hour or so without getting a bite so we decided to go to another location.

This second spot was further into the mountains and was a little more scenic!  The creek we were fishing was much smaller and more shallow than the river we just came from.  After a while we happened onto some deep pockets in the river and started getting bites from some really small brook trout.  Honestly the size didn’t matter we were just excited to have found the fish and start catching a few!  We only caught a few and none were of any significant size but we had a great time!

The pictures and the experience was worth the time and effort.  If I were to do it again I would pay for a guide so that we would have more knowledge and skill to help us find the fish but we still had a great time!  Most of these pictures are ones Nick took while we fished and he got some really good ones. Enjoy!41f43603-f382-47c5-ae5e-3f03eee5f255 45d35f54-3a72-4558-a47d-8cec37eab60c 189ca8c0-728e-4504-aacb-3f9d51d53cc9 285c1b36-c475-47f8-a9f6-d669e69e32a2 aba3ad73-20ec-4e9e-a8dd-0210a9dc82e6 d2c7259b-4b17-4344-a174-e803707691c9 d879505f-4f1e-40a5-8041-9b755c63435f

Beat the Heat!

6\12\16 Summit Lake

Today I knew the temperature would be the hottest it had been so far this year and I wanted to get up early and try to do some top water fishing!

One of my favorite lakes for top water if Summit, I like it because it has a lot vegetation and a variety of different shorelines to fish. I got up really early to beat the heat.  I was at the lake and just getting on the water around sunrise so I was able to get some good pictures!

The lake was very similar to the last time I fished it in that around the shore there was about 3-5 ft of clear water before the weeds started. So I started around the piers and threw a top water frog and immediately started catching nice 15-16″ bass. I fished two or three of the piers until the bite slowed a little bit.

Once it slowed down I switched to a plastic worm and threw to the same spots and started catching them again! It was a fast and fun morning, I only fished for a couple of hours before the temperature for into the high 80’s and I packed up.  I caught around 15 fish and all were between 12-16 inches!

Lake ranking: 5 star 

This lake has a lot of quality fish and is very well maintained! I would definitely recommend especially you plan on camping.FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRender IMG_4554 FullSizeRender