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Surprise Stop at Desoto Bend

July 3rd 2017

My brother and I were going to do some fishing at a spot I had noticed off of the river while reviewing google maps as well as the Game and Parks website.  since we both worked that day and didn’t get the chance to leave the house until about 5 we were running a little behind.  On our way to this spot we decided instead to stop at Desoto bend in order to give us more time on the water.

I have fished Desoto bend once or twice a couple of years ago and was not impressed with the fish quality but had hoped that it was improved since then.  The new boat ramp and dock was a pleasant surprise and the views couldn’t have been better! We were able to take some amazing pictures.

We started by fishing around the piers near the boat ramp and moved on to some of the old bridge stumps that were sticking out of the water just to the north.  We didn’t have any luck. We saw a lot of gar and carp hitting the top of the water but couldn’t find a bass, walleye or crappie that wanted to bite.  We did hook into a few gar but they got off the line before we could get them to the boat.

Anticipating a difficult night I did bring some night crawlers to hopefully ensure that we catch a few fish.  And after a couple hours of fishing for bass with no luck what so ever, we switched up to the night crawlers.

We found a nice deep drop off with some of the old wood pieces of the bridge near and stayed there for a while before trying some deep spots near the end of the piers.  I was really surprised that we still did not get even a bite on the worms but that happens sometimes.  It was a gorgeous night on the water and I had a great time getting away with my brother.  Hopefully next time we will catch a few fish.  I also hope that the amount of rough fish in Desoto will go down over time.  If anyone has caught good bass or other fish out of here I would love any tips available.

Lake Ranking: 2 Star

This lake looks nice, had good structure and dept and even the new boat ramp and dock were really nice.  However the lake is so full of trash fish like Gar and Asian Carp.  We saw plenty of those, but did not get a single bit from any other type of fish unfortunately.

July 20th 2013, Desoto Bend

Who: Brian Barry

Where: Desoto Bend, Blair NE

When: July 21st 2013, 6-9pm

Weather: 90 Degrees, Sunny and still

Boat Type: 14ft flat bottom Jon Boat, trolling motor

Today was an interesting day.  I went into it know that it would be hot, humid and sticky and that the bass would be fully into their summer patterns which usually make fishing difficult. I assumed that they would be deeper than usual and suspending off of structure so that’s where I focused a good portion of my time.

I fished from the East side boat ramp and went straight across the lake to the far east side (the side with more depth) and went along the shoreline fishing fallen trees and the shoreline.  All I hooked into here was a gar that ended up spitting out my lure.  Throughout the day i was constantly changing lures and scattering my baits in different depths and distances.

On the northeast side of the lake there is an area that has a shallow flat area with stumps (2-6ft deep) that suddenly drops off to about 20+ feet and I hoped that they might be suspending off of that ledge.  And here I once again couldn’t seem to locate them.  I had come prepared for tough fishing conditions so I brought a box of worms which I hooked onto a slip bobber and hoped to find any kind of fish (bass, crappie, white bass, or walleye) and the only thing I found with this was a 6 inch catfish (pictured below).

Then as the sun went down the only place I hadn’t fished yet was the west side that was 0-2ft deep with a sand bottom.  So on my way back to the ramp I fished this and hooked into a fish that ran my drag for a good distance before breaking my line and missed some other nice strikes, I assume they may have been Northerns.  But ended up the day without bagging a single bass…

At the ramp i was talking to another fisherman who had a conversation with a someone who had fished up their the day before early in the morning and had caught tons of bass and some that were 4-6 pounds.  So they are in there but for whatever reason I had a hard time locating them.  I will definitely head back there as the fall sets in and see if I could catch some in cooler weather.

Overall Ranking: 2 Star

Good size lake with a good ramp and dock with other fishing areas.  The water clarity and structure was good but I was fishing after the flood so I didnt find many fish in the species I would like to catch.