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Deserving of a second chance, Carter Lake

July 16, 2017

I had been to this lake a few years back and was very unimpressed.  I hadn’t caught a fish and the water level was very low and it left me with very little reason to come back.  However, I had been hearing reports and even seen a few youtube video’s of people that had been catching fish here!  I also had heard of small tournaments there and been hearing murmers about it being a “hidden gem” in the area.  So of course i had to go back and give it a second chance.

I started near the ramp on the southeast side.  I fished along the pier and then the lilly pads on the closest shoreline.  Through fishing there I did not get a single bite but I could hear plenty of sunfish smacking the bottom of the lilly pads. So it kind of surprised me I wasn’t getting bits as Bass are usually not to far from the smaller fish they prey on.

I decided to go towards the center of the lake and I wanted to fish the dock and rock piles there. Around the first few docks I hooked into a bass using a chatter bait.  But as I continued to fish along the docks I was not having luck with moving baits.

I switched to a Pig and Jig, and a large flat trailer so that I might be able to skip under the docks.  In order to do this I switched to a longer and heavier rod, with braided line.  Pretty quickly after trying this I hooked into a nice 3lb bass.  I decided to stick to this pattern for a while and it paid off.  If i could find wood docks that the shade went deep and preferably with poles or stumps underneath them.  If I could get up far underneath the docks and get the jig to skip under there where it was difficult to reach i would find good fish hiding and get good bites.  I did loose a few nice fish, including one large enough to run my drag and wrap me deep around some brush before breaking me off.  But while doing so I did land quite a few nice fish as well.  I think I finished with eight or so bass that I was able to boat before the temperature got hot enough that I wanted to leave the lake.

I am definitely glad I decided to go back to this lake. I am not sure there is a large population of bass here yet. But the fish I did find were very healthy and good size!

Lake Ranking: 4 star, While I did now find some nice fish, the depth was still shallow and the fish were difficult to find.  I am much more impressed with it now and definitely plan on going back.

April 17th 2014 Carter Lake

Who: Brian Barry

Where: Carter Lake, Omaha Ne

When: April 17th 2014, 11am-3pm

Weather 60 Degrees, Sunny

Boat Type: 14ft flat bottom Jon Boat, trolling motor

Today I had a few hours in the middle of the day and decided to try a lake I had never been to.  The water was down probably 4 feet from normal pool as I could tell, but it was extremely clear.  As I rode across the lake I noticed it was extremely shallow.  Most of the lake was between 3-4 feet deep and I only found one small pocket that reached about 8 feet deep.

I fished all the way up the airport side of the lake, into both of the housing developments and across the rock jetties on the north side.  I did not get a single bite all day while trying for bass.  After a while I switched up my approach to some sunfish that I saw swimming near some docks, and ended up catching a few, the pictures are below.

Overall due to the dept h and lack of catching, seeing or marking any fish even with my fish finder I was less than thrilled with the lake for fishing.  It still beats an afternoon at work but I eventually decided to head back home and this is not a lake I will be visiting again.

Overall Ranking: 1 Star

The boat ramp was steep and the dock was questionable.  The lake was very shallow and the fishing was not very good.  The scenery too was of roads other houses and the airport.