Fun with Fish and Frogs, Timber Point

So a friend and I decided to go hit up Timber Point, its a small little lake tucked up in the hills and unless you know someone or really do your research most people don’t know about it.  It does have a cement ramp and a dock but it is a relatively small lake.  The depth in the lake is good and they have all kinds of species in there (including Musky).

We started by fishing the cover to the west side of the lake without much luck, the water was calmer and easier to control out small boat and kayak but were eventually forced to search out the rest of the lake.

There are some submerged trees on the east side of the lake that boarder some deeper water and today the wind was blowing into the bank so I was hoping it would be an active spot.  With only catching one fish there we moved on and fished the rest of the cove and a then also the southside where the creek joins the lake. We had pulled out two fish so far but it was pretty slow going.

So I decided to go back and fish the submerged trees again but his time i downsized and slowed down a lot.  I broke out my spinning rod with lighter line, a 1/4 oz weight and a senko rigged texas style. But to make the profile even smaller i cut the senko in half before putting in on the hook. I started catching a few fish but the bite was strange. I wouldn’t feel them strike or any kind of hard thump, it was just that when I went to pick it up there was a weight at the end of the line!

I caught 5 fish doing this before we decided to stop for the day. I really like this lake and even though the fishing was slow it was worth it for the views and the quality of fish I did catch.

Lake Ranking 5 star:  I definitely enjoy this lake and plan to keep coming back, I did have one musky following one of my lures and I cant wait to snag one of those monsters!

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