Surprise Stop at Desoto Bend

July 3rd 2017

My brother and I were going to do some fishing at a spot I had noticed off of the river while reviewing google maps as well as the Game and Parks website.  since we both worked that day and didn’t get the chance to leave the house until about 5 we were running a little behind.  On our way to this spot we decided instead to stop at Desoto bend in order to give us more time on the water.

I have fished Desoto bend once or twice a couple of years ago and was not impressed with the fish quality but had hoped that it was improved since then.  The new boat ramp and dock was a pleasant surprise and the views couldn’t have been better! We were able to take some amazing pictures.

We started by fishing around the piers near the boat ramp and moved on to some of the old bridge stumps that were sticking out of the water just to the north.  We didn’t have any luck. We saw a lot of gar and carp hitting the top of the water but couldn’t find a bass, walleye or crappie that wanted to bite.  We did hook into a few gar but they got off the line before we could get them to the boat.

Anticipating a difficult night I did bring some night crawlers to hopefully ensure that we catch a few fish.  And after a couple hours of fishing for bass with no luck what so ever, we switched up to the night crawlers.

We found a nice deep drop off with some of the old wood pieces of the bridge near and stayed there for a while before trying some deep spots near the end of the piers.  I was really surprised that we still did not get even a bite on the worms but that happens sometimes.  It was a gorgeous night on the water and I had a great time getting away with my brother.  Hopefully next time we will catch a few fish.  I also hope that the amount of rough fish in Desoto will go down over time.  If anyone has caught good bass or other fish out of here I would love any tips available.

Lake Ranking: 2 Star

This lake looks nice, had good structure and dept and even the new boat ramp and dock were really nice.  However the lake is so full of trash fish like Gar and Asian Carp.  We saw plenty of those, but did not get a single bit from any other type of fish unfortunately.

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