Wet, Cold and Clumsy! Wehrspann Lake

April 21 2017

Awe this was an interesting day! Again I had a little time after work and decided to hit up a metro lake I hadn’t visited yet.  I took the trip out to Wehrspann, a like I really enjoy for big fish potential.  I went across the lake towards the east side to start out to a little cove that has some trees and structure to fish.

Within a few minutes I had caught one really nice Crappie and thought that I would continue to catch fish as the day went on.  A few more minutes passed without a bite and I decided to move a little bit…

As I leaned over to adjust the speed on my trolling motor my back foot slipped a little bit.  Usually no big deal as I can grab ahold of the chair of the motor to gain my balance. But his time I put my hand on the head of my trolling motor and as I applied a little pressure the head of the trolling motor snapped and broke off!

Since I was already leaning my weight on the motor when it snapped I completely lost it! It seemed like I was in slow motion as I slowly fell overboard and went completely submerged in the water! I quickly popped back up and grabbed my phone and wallet out of my pockets (now filled with water) and threw them into the boat.  I eventually  got back in and had to head back towards the boat ramp.

Luckily the motor still worked it was just hard to maneuver as the part that changed the speeds and assisted in changing directions was broken.  When I got back to the dock I had an extra pair of clothes in my tool box.  I quickly changed, loaded the boat and went home…

It was quite the experience and too bad nobody was there to laugh at me. But I did manage to get a few pics before shutting off my phone and sticking in in rice for 24 hours!  Since then I have been able to fix the motor and my phone is operational so at least I can look back and laugh now!

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