Fishing local at Prairie Queen

April 13 2017

Today after work my friend Andy and myself had some time available and decided to take the boat out to a local metro lake. The new one prairie queen has been good over the past few years and I’d been hearing people say that they were catching fish so we decided to give it a try.

I was actually really surprised by the water clarity.  We had recently gotten a lot of rain and I thought it would be fairly stained water but it was crystal clear.  We started on the southeast corner near the dam, fishing around the rock jetty and some of the sunken timber over there.

Without getting a bite or seeing any signs of fish in the area we moved to the cove on the north side of the lake and fished some off the off shore structures there.  We still hadn’t even gotten a strike so we were starting to think we could go without catching a fish today.  So we decided to move around a bit more, we fished the channel and the trees in the middle surrounding the channel. Then we fished the east side of the cove where there was a lot of grass.

As we were fishing out way towards the dam we can across a spot that got slightly deeper (about 2-3ft deeper) and we noticed that the weeds had suddenly gone away.  This little stretch of structure lasted for maybe 100 yards.  On our first pass through Andy caught three bass on a crank bait.  So I tied on a similar bait and we started going back and forth fishing this area.  We caught 10-12 fish between the two of us.  All of them were small but fun none the less.  And they all hit the lure about halfway back to the boat, so they were suspending out away from the bank.

We fished there until it was starting to get dark and decided to call it a day.  We were both pretty happy since we didn’t have high expectations after how the day began.

Lake Ranking: 5 star

The fish in this lake are all still pretty small, there are a few nicer ones mixed in but they have yet to grow to any real size. This should continue to be a good fishery and is a great place to bring a new fisherman.

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