Fish on Frogs, Summit Lake

May 7th 2017

I didn’t wake up as early this morning to go fishing as I would like.  I was supposed to go with a friend and waiting for their response before deciding to just go anyways.  So I didn’t make it to the lake until around 11am.  I knew the weather was calling for a windy day so I was hoping I could beat some of that weather.   Summit lake is known for having clear water and a lot of vegetation and it looks like this year will be no different.

The first thing I notice when I got to the lake was that the crappie spawn was in full swing.  They were hanging out all over the rocks in just a few feet of water and clearly visible to the eye.  And there were tons of them but of course they were not easy to convince to bite!

This lake is somewhat unique as the majority of the shoreline of the lake is rock or gravel but the base of the lake is dirt and mud.  So the vegetation grows in strong and thick but it doesn’t generally cover the first 3-6 feet of the bank.  So I started with a technique I have used here in the past and that was throwing a Horny Toad up to or even onto the bank and pulling it off.  I could run it straight or quickly jerk it.  But either way the bass were as predictable as always, they were sitting in that gap from the bank to the weeds and as soon as that bait pulled off the rocks they were in a hurry to come smack it before it got away in the thick weeds.

I caught 4 bass on the first side of the first pier right by the boat ramp doing this.  None were of any significant size but it’s still a blast watching them explode on a top water.  I did this around 2-3 more piers each holding bass before I decided to take a trip to the south side of the lake where the creek enters.  I know its shallow up there but I was hoping to get into some dirtier water and maybe flip some stumps and catch a few bigger ones.  Unfortunately the water was extremely muddy up there and had basically zero visibility.  I did manage one nicer fish on a spinner bait up there.

The wind started to pick back up so I let it carry me back towards the boat ramp as I threw a spinner bait around some deeper water and managed one or two more fish. It was a short trip but a productive one.

Lake Ranking: 5 star

I love summit, it has many different kinds of species and all have pretty good populations and size.  If you like to fish rocks, grass, cat tails, deep or shallow it has it all and the game and parks do a great job keeping the lake looking nice. I definitely recommend.

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