Gzechland Crappie 4/9/17

Well this winter I bought a new boat and had to try it out!  So today I took my friend Hannah with me to Gzechland Lake near Prague.  I have been hearing for a few weeks that the crappie were biting and I’d love to put a few in my freezer.

The day was a perfect day, sunny and about 75 with a little breeze!  At the lake there were quite of few people fishing from shore and 2-3 boats but that was ok because I wanted to fish the trees near the channel on the west side of the lake.  I have prepared a few poles and taken some worms with us to help catch some fish.

After getting in place and setting the anchor near a few trees in the 5-6 foot depth, I got Hannah rigged up and fishing first.  We were fishing with a slip bobber and a crappie jig with a small piece of worm for scent.  But on my first cast I caught a beautiful 13 inch Crappie!  I had heard there were nice crappie in this lake but I usually target bass and hadn’t caught one yet from it.  I was really excited and expecting to have a great afternoon fishing.

Unfortunately even though we had a great time on the water that was the only fish we caught that afternoon.  We both missed 1 or 2 bites before it got dark and we headed home.  Still had at least one decent fillet though!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

I have caught plenty of bass in this lake in the past and now was excited to catch a good crappie too.  I did watch someone else fishing small spinners and other moving baits as i was loading up the boat and they caught three smaller crappie pretty quickly.. guess i was just using the wrong bait and too stubborn to switch! whoops!

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