Missouri River Oxbow May 29th 2016

One of my favorite places to fish is Middle Decatur Bend.  I go out there because of the fish diversity and also because it is a relatively unknown place to fish.  It is an oxbow lake off of the Missouri River about an hour north of Omaha.  For the most part the lake is shallow (less than 5 feet) but on both the east and west sides by the tall log pilings it does get to 8-10 feet deep and some spots even a little more.

I started the day throwing spinner baits and a plastic worm around the wood on the west side.  I fished for a couple hundred of feel and didn’t get a bite so I skipped further down the line and tried at deeper spot and didn’t get any bites.

The canal leading to the river must have been all the way through because I saw 2 different boats come through and then leave.  But as I was near the canal I saw and heard some fish in the shallow grasses.  As I got closer I realized they were mostly carp with a few gar but usually where some fish are the others will follow.

I started throwing a white spinner bait around the grasses and cat tails.  I caught two gar right off the bat, they are nasty creatures but there were plenty around to catch.  I shortly after caught two small large mouth bass.  It was nice to catch the fish I had been looking through, although I was a little disappointed I didn’t catch any Walleye or Northern Pike.  Still a fun place to go and I will definitely go back!

Lake Ranking: 4 star

This lake is a lot of fun to go to, I really like it but it is a little difficult to figure out.  I like being able to catch nice bass and northern pike but it might be a little better without the gar or all of the carp in the area.  2dc7e577-df5c-472f-8d1d-5d85ac71fa20 290f718b-5d7a-4943-94cd-cbfeaa972a4c 570b14a3-7ba0-4333-8c0a-c611ff99e0f8 e32bd206-db31-4fbb-a031-82e67b8233a3 eccc1f7b-7a7d-460b-bac6-13b5a5d4eeb5 fe26ffc7-e528-49ae-b7d2-30a1fff7a1db

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