Windy day at Wanahoo!

May 7th 2016

I hadn’t been out to Wanahoo yet this year so I had to make a trip! The water was high and kind of muddy because we had some recent storms.  Since my boat only has a trolling motor I always start fishing by pier closest to the ramp then move to the reeds and vegetation just north of the ramp.

Today the wind was strong enough that in order to stay in position with my Jon boat I had to anchor multiple times to avoid getting blown off my spot.  I had thrown all kinds of lures and hadn’t gotten bit after about an hour so I decided to move into the trees.

Here I found the channel and tried tying up to trees to help me stay in position.  While there I did get two bites, catching one of them. It was a nice bass just under 3 lbs that I caught on a shad colored crank bait. But even there I wasn’t finding the fish like I wanted to.

I moved all the way to the east side of the lake to try my best to get out of the wind and found a decent spot with what looked like good matted vegetation. I noticed frogs sitting on top but also some good open pockets in the grass, so I tied on a weightless 5″ senko and started throwing on top of the weeds.  Pretty quickly I had a nice bass hit it through the grass! One of the funnest ways to catch a fish! As I worked along the stretch of grass I caught two more fish all between 2-3lbs. The other two bit just as my lure hit the open spot and the bass ambushed it through the openings in the weeds. The grass line I found was in about 6 inches to a foot of water and was only about 100ft long.

It took me a little while to find and catch consistent fish but once I did it was a lot of fun!

Lake ranking: 5 star

Even when the fishing is slow or conditions are tough you can usually find some kind of fish here and they are healthy good sized fish. Also the lake is big enough to be busy and still have room for everyone


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