April 22nd 2016 Wehrspann Lake, Omaha NE

I hadn’t taken my boat out for a couple of weeks and had a few hours after work today open so I decided to make a quick trip to a local lake.   Wehrspann is really close to my house so I headed there so I could fish as long as possible. The weather was great and there weren’t a lot of boats out on a Friday night so I was able to launch my boat quickly.

I headed to a cover on the east side of the lake and started fishing a spinner bait around the shallow trees and grasses.  Once I got halfway back into the cove I started catching fish.  They were really shallow and around a lot of cover but they would come out and hit the lure aggressively.

Not only was I catching fish but I was seeing fish chasing bait in the shallow water as well!  It was pretty exciting to watch.  And since my lure was working I decided to stick with it and ended up catching about 6 different fish.  All of the fish were healthy and over 12 inches with the two heaviest weight 3.85 and 3.26 pounds!

It was a fun evening, but since I didn’t get out until a little later I didn’t have a lot of time to fish.  As it started getting dark I headed back and trailered the boat.  It was definitely a fun little trip!

Lake Ranking: 5 Star

I love that this lake is so close to my home and for being a public lake in the middle of Omaha the fishing is really good.  It surprises me sometimes the quality of fish this lake continues to produce!  If you are looking to get out in Omaha this is definitely one of my favorite spots!

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  1. What a great report for local fishermen.

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