Deer Muzzle Loader, Oak Glenn. December 6th 2015

I hadn’t had the opportunity to get out to hunt deer at all during the Bow or Rifle seasons so I had been looking forward to December so I could get out and use my Muzzle Loader.  I didn’t want to leave my deer stand out all fall since I hunt exclusively public land so I had to take that with me to set up today as well.

I got out to the property a little after noon and had to walk in a ways but I knew right were i wanted to set up.  I scouted the property a lot the year before and had hunted it 2 or 3 times so I had a really good idea of where I wanted to be.  I set my stand up on the southeast side of a field where the tall grass met the wooded area.  So in front of me the open field was about 10 yards away and the creek ran about 30 yards behind me and I was in some thing cover.  I purposefully set myself up where a ravine went out into the field as well so it looked like a corner and there were a lot of deer tracks that were using that corner as a funnel!

I was out there for around an hour when I heard something behind me and as I turned to see what was moving around I noticed two people out on horseback for a joy ride!  Not what I wanted to see while I’m waiting for a deer but such is life on public property.  Another hour passed and again heard a noise behind me and this time is was a kid with a .22 hunting squirrels!  Ha I was a little disappointed but hoped that as he moved around the property he might get the deer moving around too.

I sat out there until dark and didn’t see any deer.  The weather was warmer than I hoped it would be during the muzzle loading season but that’s not something I can control.  So I didn’t get a deer today but I did get my stand up so I can go out in the mornings here soon and its always nice to spend an afternoon in the woods.  Just a few pictures… Enjoy!

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