August 22nd 2015 Lake Wanahoo

Today I had a friend Andrew come with me on a fishing trip!  He is from Minnesota and finally brought back his fishing gear so we had to go out.  I know that our lakes in eastern Nebraska don’t compare well with Minnesota lakes so I had to take him to Lake Wanahoo were we would have the chance of catching big bass, northern pike and walleye.

Today was very windy morning!  We had storms the night before so the north side of the lake was muddy so we stayed mainly on the south side.  And due to the wind we had limited places we could go or places we could fish because my little aluminum boat was getting pushed around a lot.

For the first couple of hours we didn’t get much to bite and we threw a lot of different lures all around multiple different kinds of structure.  We finally hooked into a nice bass as we were fishing deep crankbaits around trees in about 15 feet of water.   But we were having to stay behind all of the trees to avoid larger waves and to be able to control the boat.

We had thought that once we caught one maybe we would catch a few more doing something similar, but we stayed there for a while and couldn’t find more fish that wanted to bit.  So we moved back to the west side of the lake and fished around the cat tails in the shallow areas of the lake.  I got tired of fighting the wind so we started anchoring at the spots we wanted to fish and slowly picking them apart.  Andrew had hooked into a couple of fish throwing a top water frog and a spinner bait.  And then as we were fishing by the boat ramp I was using a pig and jig and caught two fish.

All the fish we caught and/or hooked were good sized anywhere from 15-18 inches.  We didn’t get a lot of bites but the ones we did really hit the lures hard and close to shore.  Enjoy the pictures!

Lake Ranking: 5 star

Even with strong winds and post storm conditions we were still able to pull out some nice fish! This lake is always a good time and has very quality fish. 

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