August 21st 2015 Prairie Queen

Tonight I had a really cool opportunity, I have two friends that have young kids and we decided to take them fishing for the first time!  When teaching kids to fish there is some preparation that goes into it.  First you have to find a lake that will have a lot of fish, size really doesn’t matter but you want to make sure they will catch fish!  Also you need to find a spot that is easily accessible and will have room for the kids to run around.  Then you need to prepare with the proper tackle and bait, meaning easy to use fishing poles and I always bring live bait.  Prairie Queen (the new lake in Papillion) provided all of this for us.   The lake was constructed very well and has easily accessible fishing piers and plenty of sunfish and bass for the kids to catch.

We headed out to the lake around 7 and had about an hour and a half before it started getting dark.  We had bought some bobbers and worms at cabelas before heading to the lake so we were sure to catch fish.

It only took a few seconds after dropping the bait into the water for some sunfish to find it and the adults spent the whole time taking fish off the line and putting worms on the hook.  All of the fish caught were small sunfish but there was so many of them and the kids had a blast catching a lot of fish!  I have a lot of pictures and I think they pretty well speak for themselves.

But takes kids fishing!  I believe it is very important to get kids outdoors and find something you can experience together and create memories!

Lake Ranking: 5 star

This lake is a great new lake!  Lots of fish and very good shore access.  It was the perfect spot to bring kids and help them catch a lot of fish!

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