July 31st 2015 Lawrence Youngman Lake

Today I had a few hours after I got off work and had planned on going fishing all week.  I was a little concerned because there were storms coming this evening but they seemed to be heading around the metro area so I figured I would head out and if things looked like they were getting bad then I could always get off the water.  It made for some great pictures though when there were storms to the north and south of the lake and I was stuck in the calm spot right in the middle.

I started off by fishing around the flooded trees on the south side where I have caught fish before and and didn’t even get a bite.  I didn’t stay around there long before switching to the bank on the north side and along the dam.  I had caught one bass at this point but hadn’t really determined any kind of pattern.  That is until I was casting a heavy pig and jig next to a log on the shorline and didn’t find anything next to the log but as soon as I hit the grassline about 3-5 feet off of the bank and tried to rip the jig out of the grass I got bit.  I ended up catching 3 fish pretty quickly with this same pattern.  I would cast the jig close to the shore line and as soon as I would start to hit the submerged grasses I would give it a hard rip out of the weeds and the bass were smacking it as soon as it came loose.

I fished all the way down the dam and on the east side of the lake and ended up catching about 7-8 bass of decent size before it started to get too dark and I got off the lake!  Although I did witness something unusual today, as I fished near the apartment complex on the east side and got to see a young man propose to his girlfriend!  I took a quick picture but he did a good job and she said yes!  it was pretty fun to witness.

Lake Ranking: 4 star

I rank this lake a four star only because the size of the fish are not very big.  I like the lake and can catch plenty of fish.  It is in a great location and is well built.  If you only have a couple of hours or if your are taking a kid fishing this lake would be a great place to go.  unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (6) unnamed (7) unnamed (8) unnamed (10) unnamed


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