September 14th 2013, Standing Bear Lake

Who: Scott G and myself

Where: Standing Bear, Omaha Ne

When: September 14th 7am-10am

Weather: 55 Degrees and Partially Cloudy

Boat Type: 14ft Jon Boat

Today was the day of NEB-ULCA game so we decided to stay close to home and do a quick early morning trip.  We got out there before sunrise and were on the water for the whole morning.  It was breezy and cloudy with a few sprinkles.  The water temp was still around 75 degrees which was hotter than I expected since we had a few days that were in the 60’s.

Since the water temperatures were still high and we were there early in the morning I had thought that topwater would really be good this morning but surprisingly we tried about every topwater we had and didn’t get a strike.  We also didn’t see anything surfacing so we quickly changed our approach.  Just to the east of the boat ramp there are a lot of sunken trees that sit in 5-8ft of water and we ended up getting into some small largemouths there fishing slowly and deeply with a blue texas rigged 8” plastic worm.

We still were finding the fish we wanted to so we continued to move around the lake. Fishing briefly on the dam with no luck.  We then passed over the channel in the middle of the lake wondering if we would mark more fish where the depth dropped from 10ft-18th, and we trolled swimbaits and crankbaits over the edge with no luck and not even marking fish.

Our time was running out (didn’t want to miss kickoff) so we tried one last location on the western side of the lake where the creeks run into the main lake and it was so shallow we actually grounded the boat.  We then packed up and went home to watch the game.

This is the 2nd or 3rd time I have fished standing bear and it looks like a great lake but I have not had much success.  I have never been skunked but never thrilled about the trip either.  If I had more time I would chose to fish somewhere else.

 Overall Ranking: 3 star

Great park area and good boat ramp and lake structure but the fishing was really slow and there is always a lot of traffic at the lake.