July 4th 2014, Stagecoach Lake

Where: Stagecoach lake, Hickman Ne
Who: my dad and me
Weather: sunny and very windy

Since me and my dad both had no plans on the fourth of July so what better way to spend the day then fishing with each other.
We decided to go to a place we hadn’t been to since wagon train opened up and that place is stage coach, which is really close to the other lake and used to be our favorite spot until the other lake was finished.

The lake had changed quite a bit since we had been there last. There were two main things I noticed, one was they had added a lot more brush piles all around the lake and they were great structure to hold fish. And second it seemed to have silted in a little more, places seemed to be slightly more shallow than it was before (the lake was not deep to begin with).

We tried a wide variety of lures and all around the  lake.  We missed a few what seemed to be big fish that bit our lines.  Two of which broke the line on my dad’s rod!  But after a few hours of fishing my dad came or on top 1-0. Kind of disappointing in numbers but still great to spend time on the water with dad.  Also I know there are big fish there and will go back sometime to try again.

Here are just a few pictures including the one m my dad caught which he didn’t want me to take but my comment was “I have to in case it’s the only one we catch” next time I’ll keep my m mouth shut.

Overall Ranking: 3 Star

This lake has a good boat ramp and dock, camping and the fishing was ok but I know we have caught good fish in the past.  It is a pretty shallow lake with little structure for the fish outside of some brush piles.





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