April 6th 2014 Cunningham Lake

Who: Me and Kirra

Where: Lake Cunningham, Omaha NE

When: April 6th 2014

Weather: Windy, 60-65 degrees, cloudy

Boat Type: 14ft Jon Boat

Today was still pretty early in the season, especially for Nebraska.  But I had started to hear reports of some others catching fish and couldn’t stay away.  Today is a Sunday and I only a few hours late in the afternoon so I stayed close to home and decided to head towards cunningham.  I have always caught fish there but they were all fairly small but today I would take any fish since this was my first time out this year.

The wind was preventing me from staying in any spot for long unless I threw the anchor out.  I headed towards the west side of the lake and was trying to get back in some coves to get out of the wind.  In one of those coves I drifted across a big ledge where the depth went from 2ft-10ft very quickly.  On this ledge there were also some laid down trees sitting around the 8ft range.  I was using a variety of lures included a bass jig, a heavy double Colorado blade spinner bait, and a beaver tail grub.  But at this spot I used a Rat-l-trap in the fire tiger colors.

I was anchored below the drop and casting up into the shallows and bringing it slowly over the ridge.  On one cast I felt a small tick and set the hook.  Immediately I could tell the fish on the other end was big!  It was pulling the drag on my line and when it came near the top and I saw its side flash in the light I immediately reached for my net.  The first fish I landed for the year was a 19 ½ inch Largemouth Bass that was pregnant with a big belly of eggs.  It was around a 5 pound fish with its mass and healthy as could be.  What a way to start the year.

Unfortunately that was the only bite I got all day.  But the trip was worth every second to start my year off with a fish like that.  Both pictures below are of the fish and a few of my brothers dog Kirra who joined me.  Enjoy the pictures!

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

Great boat ramp and hiking trails.  Good fishing and the lake has great depth, structure and size.  For being so close to Omaha I was surprised it was not really busy, but the only down side is all the carp and bullhead in the lake.


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