September 1st 2013 Walnut Creek

Who: Levi and his boys Sam, Ben and myself

Where: Walnut Creek, Papillion NE

When: September 1st 2013 5-8pm

Weather: Windy, 75-80 degrees

Boat Type: 14ft Jon boat

A special thanks goes out today to Levi who is the person that helped me set up this site!  Two of his boys decided they wanted to go fishing so we took them out to Walnut Creek with the hopes of catching some fish.  We grabbed some worm and hooked both boys up with bobbers so that we would have the best chance of catching good numbers of fish.

Today was all about the boys, they were really excited to go fishing and we did everything we could to make sure they had a good time.  We anchored out in the trees all throughout the day and taught the boys how to cast and what it meant to set the hook.  They also got to see some good wildlife such as ducks and other animals.

Sam, the older of the two boys was at the front of the boat and Ben was in between Levi and myself.  We always had to keep our eyes on them since we didn’t want to get a hook in the back of the head and also to make sure they would leave there bobber in one spot long enough to let the fish find them.  The day was pretty rough for fishing with water temperatures still in the low 80’s.  We got a few bites here and there but only ended up catching one sunfish (caught by Sam).  The boys had decided earlier that day that they wanted to eat the fish they caught so we took it back to their place and I showed them how to fillet a fish and Levi fried it up for them to eat.  It is always more rewarding to know that you caught your own dinner and the boys loved it.

Walnut Creek was a very good lake for what we needed and maybe next time we will go when the water isn’t so hot and maybe catch more fish for the boys.  Enjoy the pictures, it is always fun seeing the look kids get when they get to be outdoors and especially catching their first fish!

Overall Ranking: 4 Star

Great lake with good boat ramps, docks and fishing areas.  The fishing here is usually pretty good and even though the lake is usually pretty busy there is more than enough space for everyone.


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