August 26th 2013 Lake Cunningham

Who: Brian Barry, My Brothers Lab “Kirra”

Where: Lake Cunningham, Omaha Ne

When: August 26th 2013, 6:30am-11am

Weather 95 Degrees, Sunny

Boat Type: 14ft flat bottom Jon Boat, trolling motor

Again today I brought Kirra with me and she loves getting out to the lake.

Since I had fished earlier this weekend and caught a good amount of fish I got to the lake really early this morning so that I could fish some topwater in the shallows.  I was surprised how deep this lake gets, at some points my depth finder reached 19ft!  But started on the east side of the lake where they have the rock jetties about 20 yards off shore and it was surrounded by sunken tree piles.

It was a little bit slower this morning and there were a lot of carp jumping around the lake but the bass were not interested in the topwater i was throwing at them.  I tried to fish near the shore line and on the rock jetties with little luck besides a few missed the bites.  So I moved out to the sunken trees sitting in about 5-7ft of water.  I caught a few decent size bass off of these piles throwing a texas rigged black and red 8” worm.

Even though I had caught a few on these trees I decided to head back towards the ramp and fish around the docks.  But once again the fish were hard to find and eventually I decided to call it a day when the temperature really started to rise.  And again I did some fun water retrieves with Kirra and let her splash around for a while.

This is a place that I would definitely revisit and I would like to try it with more time so that I can try to catch some Northern Pike or Walleye!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

Great size of the lake with good depth and structure.  The fishing here is good as long as you can avoid all the carp.


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