August 10th 2013 Mozingo Lake

Who: My Dad and me

Where: MozingoLake, MaryvilleMo

When: August 10th 9am-2pm

Weather: 75-90 and Sunny

Boat Type: 18ft Nitro Bass Boat

Normally for this blog I like to post lakes that are within the eastern Nebraska area, but if you live in eastern Nebraskan this lake is definitely one you should visit sometime.  It is just about 2 hrs from Omaha or Lincoln and is over 1,000 acres.  They do allow skiing and tubing so the lake gets a lot of traffic but the fishing is still really good there.  I am not much of a Walleye fisherman but I have been told this lake holds some really good habitat for catching some big ones.

We got there Saturday morning and the weather was great, 75 degrees and sunny with a little breeze.  As the day went on it got hotter and we definitely got burnt but we left the lake right as the hot part of the day came.  Also I believe there was a tournament there this morning, middle ramp had a lot of bass boat trailers and the lake was full of other fisherman.

We went immediately to the north side of the lake where the creek enters and found the channel working through the sunken trees.  Its not hard to find it because when you are in the channel it got about 15ft deep and outside the channel was maybe 5ft.  There are a lot of shad in the lake and we could see schools of them surfacing around the trees.  I was fishing a white bleedings shad colored spinner bait and would through it through the schools of fish every time they surfaced.   Doing this I landed 3 decent crappie and 2 bass.  One of these bass (pictured below) was just about 2.5lbs.

We didn’t see a lot of other people catching fish except for one boat who had parked on the edge of a lily pad patch and pulled out 3 or 4 within a few minutes.  So we found one for ourselves and here my dad caught 3 or 4 nice fish sitting behind shady logs.  He mainly caught them with a texas rigged creature bait.  After wearing out that spot we went all the way up by the dam and started fishing a few deeper trees and gravel points trying to find some suspended summer bass.  After finding a good point with a sunken brush pile I pulled up 2 more here using a deep diving crank bait that was a silver shad color.

As the heat started rising we decided to get off the lake.  It is a beautiful lake and we had a great time fishing it.  If you are looking for a good lake that you can run you boat at full speed close to the Omaha area (that’s not Branched Oak) I would definitely recommend a trip down here.  You can also bring the family for some swimming, skiing or tubing.

Below are some pictures of the trip taken by my wife who had joined us for a day of sunbathing.  But she happens to take excellent pictures, especially the one of the bass coming out of the water.

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

Great lake that is not too far from Omaha.  It has great size and is good for boating and fishing.  The water depth and clarity is awesome and it holds big fish of all different species.


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