May 18th 2013 Wagon Train

Who: Brian and Jerome, Barry

Where: Wagon Train Lake, Hickman NE

When: May 18th 9am-12pm

Weather: Windy, 75-80 degrees, cloudy

Boat Type: 18ft Nitro Bass Boat (my dads big boy toy)

Today was quite a different day from yesterdays trip to Lake Wanahoo.  The weather had dropped as it looked like a few storms might roll through.  It was windy and being Saturday at Wagon Train it was much more crouded.

We started the day fishing the rock jetties by the boat dock since we knew that if we waited it would be covered with people fishing from shore.  It was slow and not very productive so we decided to move.  We went just to the north side of the beach, where it is pretty shallow but has a lot of small sunken trees in the flats (see attached picture).  My dad started catching fish on a pumpkin seed sinko that he was throwing by the trees in the really shallow spots.  Once again most of the fish were pre-spawn with big bellies or for the males their tails were red and beaten up from moving the ground for their bedding areas.  I was pretty stubborn and stuck with the double willow white spinner bait and the shallow crank since it had worked so well the day before (in completely different weather conditions and lake).  After he pulled in about 4 fish and I had missed a few bites I switched to something slower.  My favorite lure choice, a brown/orange football headed jig with a crawdad trailer.

We continued on the east side of the lake all the way to the shallow stumps on the the north end.  My dad had continued to catch a few more fish but it was still fairly slow.  around the sunken trees on the north side we did see 5 or 6 boats tied up to the trees fishing for crappy but did not see any caught.  We did see a cat fisherman pull in probably a 5ft flathead from around the stumps.

We then moved again to the southwest corner of the lake to fish some sunken brush there and the dam.  Here I finally caught my first fish of the day, a great big 10″ (on a good day) largemouth and as I’m reeling him in my dad hooks into his biggest fish of the day, a 3 lb largemouth (still on the senko) and we had a good comparison picture below.

Although my stubborness caused me to lose this day pretty terribly, it teaches a good lesson on bass fishing, you have to constantly be able to adjust and rethink your strategy as your conditions change.

And even though I only caught one minnow this day, a day on the lake with my dad still beats almost anything else I could be doing.  Thank you dad for the good memories and quality time.

Below are some pictures from todays trip.  Enjoy!

Overall Ranking: 5 Star

Great boat ramp and dock as well as picnic and fishing areas.  The lake is big with good dept and structure as well as good water clarity.  You can always seem to find some pretty good sized fish while here.


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